Tuesday, January 21, 2014



Pic.: Madan Manik 
If we think, anything in life comes free to us, then, we are fools of the first order! Idiots!

In life, nothing comes free… Yes, everything comes with a price. If they say, it is ‘free’… Please, don’t believe them. They are fooling you… Or, you are fooling yourself!

When we go to a restaurant to eat, we see the menu… and, you know how carefully we study the price against each dish. Importantly, we check how much money we carry in our pockets or banks. But, at someone’s wedding reception, we hog as if we have been on a fast for months! Just imagine, how carelessly and how insensitively we waste food at such places!

Most of us eat there more than what is needed for our stomachs!

Hello, somebody pays by his nose for what we hog like gluttons and for what we waste like idiots!

They say, now a days, WhatsApp is free. That’s the reason why they want all of us to be on it. Then, they make groups… groups of all kinds. Why? Obviously, to ‘communicate’, to be in touch…

Let me tell you: it is such a royal waste of time, such a dumb ritual… that, I love to call it ‘the Curry-leaves mentality’.

Our kadipatta, that is…

So, what is special about these leaves?

For years, we have taken curry leaves for granted. You know, we have been getting them ‘free’ from the bhajiwala!

But, to get them free, you have to buy, at least, some quantity of green chilies or a piece of ginger… or, two-three neemboos, sir. Watch the bhajiwala’s face when you ask him for only the ‘free’ curry leaves!

Your bhajiwala doesn’t get those curry leaves free, you know that!

Everyday, hundreds of messages come to me - believe me, they come relentlessly – on WhatsApp. The first thing I hear in the morning is its buzz and the last thing I hear at night is also its buzz…

I just don’t read them… I can’t! And, they all go unread, unnoticed and uncared… yes, just like ships passing in the night!

Just because WhatsApp is free, you send all your crap, I send all my crap, we all send all our crap…

What has it added to the quality of our lives, sir?

How has it improved 
the quality of our communication?

Are we still kidding, fooling and operating from the ‘hog-at–someone’s-wedding-reception’ or the ‘curry-leaves’ mentality?

In life, we all value only what we pay for… what we earn… what we respect and deserve...

The rest all is sheer crap!



Kishore Nagpal said...

Gritty wake-up call!!!!! Thank-you.
-- Kishore Nagpal

Vipul Patel said...

Loved the phrase: 'Curry-leaves mentality'. Vipul P

Nitin Raj said...

I fully agree Gerry, thanx for the psot.
....... Nitin Raj