Friday, January 24, 2014


Pic.: Bhusahn Thakkar 
Sometime back, my friend, Dr. Deepak, in his Blog Post, shared with us a wonderful story. It was about the fishermen in Japan, who went into deep seas to catch fish. It took for them days to return to the shore. So, in order to bring home fish alive and fresh, these fishermen would erect huge water-tanks on board. And, to doubly ensure that fish remained alive till they hit the shore, they would put a couple of big sharks into the water-tanks!

When I first read this story on Dr. Deepak’s Post, I remember how my heart had smiled!

“Hey, I know who the fishes here are,” I remember my heart saying, “I know who the fisherman is… and who the sharks are!”

Yesterday, my younger brother told me this: “If my daily challenges and problems were not present in my life, I don’t think, I would have got up early today, come to work and perform it the way I am doing now.” Then he added, “I don’t think I would even believe in God!”

I fully agree with my younger brother on this. When I look at my daily struggle, the endless challenges, the perennial anxiety, doubt and fear, I, too, wonder: “When is it all going to end?”

Then, invariably, the silence descends into my heart… and, my heart smiles… “Hey, that’s how it is supposed to be… There are sharks in the tank… Remain alert, agile and alive – fresh - till you ‘come home’!”

Perhaps, unlike the fishermen in the story, the real ‘Fisherman’ in my life wants to bring me home alive, fresh… for a different reason!

So, welcome aboard!



Divesh Patel said...

Amazing post, thank you. Divesh

Anonymous said...

Problems in life keep us alert and grateful. Punit Desai

Hiresn Shah said...

Sharks!!!! Thanks to them!!!!
--- Hiren Shah

Royston D'Souza said...

Inspiring post ---- Royston D'Souza

Anonymous said...

The story and message are fantastic!
-- Usha Reddy