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Pic.: Amrita Jeurkar


“More important than talent, strength, or knowledge

is the ability to laugh at yourself and enjoy the pursuit of your dreams.” 

- Amy Grant

Sometimes, I really think, how blessed one’s life can be, if he knows how to laugh at himself - his mistakes, his problems, his limitations and ignorance! Going about our daily lives wearing a light heart is, in deed, a great virtue… an endowment far beyond the measure and treasure called money!

The laughing man is the wealthiest man on this planet!

What is the use of all our academic, psychological and spiritual ‘gyaan’, if we aren’t able to laugh at life’s harsh realities? What are we accumulating that wisdom for, if we have to only go about wearing grim masks all the time, everywhere in life?

This world has lasted this long, and, it will last for thousands of years to come… So, sir, let’s chill a little, today!

From my own experience, I have realized, that, as long as we have in us this misplaced  notion that the world around us wouldn’t run without us – that is, we are indispensable people – it would be hard for us to laugh at ourselves - our blunders and stupidities, our problems and irritations… And, the grim mask would, always, deprive us from enjoying the simplicity and lightness of this -  so-called - complex life!

A doctor friend of mine used to, always, remind me about one of one lines displayed in their medical-college corridor:

“The only place you will find the indispensable people is: the graveyard!”

Yes, they are all dead. Those who want to live must know that they all are very dispensable!

And, the funniest part of this comedy of life is: Laughter, which is tested to be the best medicine for all ailments in our lives, is available all free... And, still!

In stead of leaving behind for our children, for their security in life,  a large estate or bank balance,  it is sensible to leave behind this bequest called – ‘the ability to laugh at oneself’. Charles M Schulz had rightly pointed this out when he said:

“If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation,

it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.”

If all of do this, the tomorrow’s babies will, certainly, come into this world laughing, and not crying!

Is that the craziest, dumbest, the most irritating or blasphemous prophesies you have ever heard?

Chill, dear… It is the happiest!

Have a light, bright and happy Monday…



Anonymous said...

Agree with you fully sir, laughter does so much difference. Thanx. Sunil Pinto

Tarun Rao said...

Laughter is the best medicine, in deed.
----- Tarun