Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Pic.: Sherry Haridas

The first thing I saw, this morning, on my FB Home-page was a set of serene pictures my friend Sherry had uploaded. He is presently vacationing in Kerala and he had captured the quiet beauty of nature, early in the morning, and uploaded those pictures for his friends… I was so impressed, that I immediately commented:

“Hi Sherry, I do not know... I am amazed by this new discovery of your passion (nature photography)! This is a classic example for ‘The Law of Abundance’.... There is so much there out, freely available, for all of us... All that we need to do is: make ourselves available... Just yesterday, I had blogged based on Bob Marley's famous line: "Some feel the rain; others just get wet!" You are one of those who 'feel' the rain... there out! God bless! Love.”

The next thing I saw was this comment from Gauvtham Bajaj, a dear student and friend, who lives in Canada. A Post of mine, which I had published a couple of days back, had touched Gauvtham and he hadn’t waited to let me know about it:

“Gerry Sir, all times until date your posts have acted as a source of inspiration and moreover given me a reason to try once again. They are always just clicks away whenever I've been led down, pushed back and at times when I had to leave everything to almighty energy. Time will come when I will have the opportunity to lighten this bag your words have given me – Gauvtham

I, too, did not wait to respond to Gauvtham:

“Hi Gauvtham, I am glad and humbled. Honestly, I write, first of all, to keep my own faith in Life... to keep me upbeat, purposeful and true to my heart... And, along my path, if I am able to touch people like you, I feel really blessed. We all are co-travelers in this journey called 'Life'. Tcre. May God bless. Love.” 

I know Sherry reads my Posts regularly and likes them… I am sure they help him as they help so many others. Like him, Gauvtham, too… They, probably, might be looking forward to my Posts each day…  

And, let me tell you this… I, too, do the same… I look forward for some very, very, very simple inspiration – like Sherry’s amazing cliks or Gauvtham’s spontaneous confession – Yes, each day, I look forward for something as simple as them to come and touch me… fill me with energy and help me keep going…

Life is such! We all need each other… I need you to scratch my back… For, I can not reach my own…

And, you need me to scratch your back… For, you can not reach your own, either!

No big deal that is!

Life and its inspiration are available - all free, out there, each day.  As I told my two friends, Sherry and Gauvtham, today, all that we need to do is: ‘BE AVAILABLE’...

Yes, be awake when the Sun rises... and, when the rain falls!



Nishta Ramani said...

Simple and sublime! Nishta

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring post sir.
-- Harsha Lal

Leena Sharma said...

Wonderful title and well-brought out. Leena Sharma