Friday, February 21, 2014


Pic.: Vincent D'Souza

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

– Neale Donald Walsh

True, we feel safe in our respective comfort zones… just as ships anchored in harbors feel! And, just as ships are not built to be forever anchored in harbors – in stead, to sail the volatile seas – in life, we, too, are expected to move out of our respective comfort zones – our safe harbors - and discover new destinations…

Fear holds us back. In his endearing fable - ‘Who Moved my Cheese’, Dr. Spencer Johnson beautifully captures this human tendency to hold on to our comfort zones, even when we have no reason to be there anymore… that is, even when we find ourselves in a cheeseless station…

Yes, when times change and when our cheese is all gone, instead of beating our fear of the unknown, we tend to react angrily – “Who moved my cheese?” Yes, we tend to get stuck there expecting someone to come and put back cheese in our stations!

Dr. Johnson depicts our uncertain life as a Maze. He says:

It is safer to search in the Maze than remain in a cheeseless situation.”

How true!

Life situations change swiftly, and, we all are expected to change with them… We are expected to move out of our cheeseless stations and go about in the Maze finding new cheese… In the fable, one of the writings on the rock reminds us:

“Smell the cheese often so you know when it is getting old.”

Finally, as one more writing on the rock points:

“When you stop being afraid, you feel good.”


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