Monday, February 24, 2014


Pic.: Vincent D'Souza

It is not always that I become aware of my breath. But, whenever I do, it can be truly a moving experience…

Like at this very moment… I have become strikingly aware of each breath I take… It is as though I am learning something about me for the first time in my life…!

Who has put breath into me?

How is it going on, with such a perfect rhythm, and unfailingly, without me having to do anything about it?

Why is that I hardly think about it?

Why am I taking it for granted?

What does each inhale and exhale remind me?

Why can’t I choose only inhale and refuse to exhale?

Can I claim a single breath more than what God has allotted to me?

What if He takes me off His ventilator?

As I told you, a solitary profound-moment is enough to make me realize what a priceless blessing Life is… and, how casually I take it… how thanklessly I, often, behave!

Every time I set out to achieve something, dream big… the thought that, finally, it is only with God’s grace that I would be able to achieve whatever my heart desires to… and not without it – yes, this thought keeps me firmly grounded. I realize that all I can do is till the lease of breath lasts… Nothing beyond it… And, whatever I accomplish and accumulate here on this earth… yes, nothing of it can be really mine… except for my assumption about it!

“Man proposes, God disposes!”

Does it mean, I should leave everything to God? Does it mean I should not dream and try at all?

There is a different strength, a different beauty, when man dreams on this earth with an absolute awareness that it is God… Who disposes…

So, let’s not leave our proposals – our dreams on this earth – to God… Let’s only dream our dreams remembering Him in each breath we take…

I can feel the power of this awareness… I can feel the grace!



Lata Rao said...

- Lata Rao

Anonymous said...

True, it is as long as our breath lasts! Ganesh Kamath