Friday, January 13, 2017


A week ago, we – a group of twelve men – were around Kala Ghoda area in South Mumbai. It was around 4.30 in the evening; so, we decided to walk into a nearby Irani restaurant for a cup of tea. “Something to bite?” our host asked us. “Bun maska,” was the unanimous choice!

“Divine!” This was the unanimous verdict on savoring the Irani tea and bun maska.

Some things in life are simply irreplaceable… Like Irani keema pav, or omelet pav too!

Last two days have been extremely cold here in Mumbai with mercury dropping close to 11 degree Celsius! At 5.30 when I went out for my morning walk, today, I could particularly feel the chill in my bones. We Mumbaikars are not used to a cold weather of this kind unlike people in Delhi and other parts of North. For us, this is too much!

Today, I was walking with three-layers covering my body. My ears were protected with an ear muff and feet with a nice pair of walking shoes. When I saw our night security guards, who had been exposed to the night-long chilly wind, I felt bad for them. “Gharma, gharam chai lelo,” I said casually. “Haan sirji… Lekin aaj chaiwala ke paas doodh nahin hai. Thoda time ke baad hoga chai.”

It was 6.30 by now. I had completed my quota of walk and exercises. I went home… made five cups of hot tea… Kept one cup for me and sent four cups in a flask to our security guards… yes, with nicely sliced bun maskas. Incidentally, while buying eggs from our pavwala last night, I was also tempted to buy some sweet buns so that I could have my favourite bun maska along with my morning tea today… just to soak in one of the small pleasures of life!

So, early this morning, when I shared that pleasure with our security guards – who were awake through the entire chilly night to ensure that we all had a safe and sound sleep at home – yes, when I shared the gharma gharam chai and bun maska with our security guards, it tasted even more divine!

Like so many around me, I, too, often, think about our defense men… the tough conditions in which they guard us through nights and days, for years and years… Yes, we don’t see them and talk to them at all… still, the very thought is enough to tear our hearts!

Today, I was asking myself: “What about these guards at our own gate… who I see and talk to every day… Does it tear my heart?


Pic.: (Hindustan Times... Internet)


sunita saldhana said...

Love the way you write about everyday experiences and turn it into something so beautiful!

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanx Sunita... Means a lot when it comes from u. Love.