Friday, January 6, 2017


“Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog;
but you're never friendless ever, if you have a dog.”
― Douglas Malloch

This must be my tenth Post on Buzzo… I am not sure. But, yes, I have written many times about him… how nice he is!

For those who have missed the train, Buzzo is a permanent resident of the housing Society where I have my classes and office. He was born here with his many brothers and sisters… Only he survived. He lives with his partner Sony (I have given her that name). Buzzo was the name given to this adorable dog – he has put on a lot of weight now – by Devika and her brother Vinay (when they were school kids) who live in our Society. The way Buzzo shows affection and loyalty to Mr. Kanchan (Devika and Vinay’s dad) and his family is something heart-melting… “Wish I had a son or daughter like  Buzzo,” I have heard people saying this.

Two days ago, Mr. Punjabi, a senior citizen, who lived in our building, expired. For many years, he had been living alone and he had befriended Buzzo. His wife had passed away many years ago and his only daughter, Sapna, after her marriage, had settled abroad. So, Mr. Punjabi’s daily routine involved spending some quiet time twice a day – in the mornings and in the evenings – in the Society temple. Buzzo was a good friend of the temple Pujari, too. So, he, too, spent a lot of his time inside the temple… Nobody objected… I, always, felt nice whenever people did not shoo away Buzzo from the temple… After all, the God we all prayed to is Buzzo’s God, too… Isn’t He? I remember an incident which took place some months ago. An important Society meeting was going on inside the temple… It was about the redevelopment issue. During the meeting, Glucose biscuits and tea were being served - and Buzzo loves Glucose biscuits (I give him Parle-G or Marie Gold… Mostly Marie Gold… as it has less sugar). So, Buzzo went around the audience… taking a biscuit or two and a nice caressing from some of his favorites… including Mr. Kanchan, Mr. Punjabi and me. Mr. Kanchan was sitting next to me. “Look, Buzzo is a permanent resident of our Society,” he whispered in my ears with a little playfulness, “Even he is interested in the subject!” As I smiled, I remembered the words of Stanley Coren:

“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back
when you go out the door without them.” 

Coming back to Mr. Punjab’s funeral… When I went near his body, which was placed outside his building entrance for final dharshan by near and dear ones… I was moved to watch Buzzo trying to go close to the body… Nobody attempted to shoo him away… The sobbing daughter, Sapna, suggested her dad’s body be taken, en-route, to both the Society temple and the nearby gurudwara… For, that’s where Mr. Punjabi would seek his peace mostly when he lived all alone… What I cherished the most was the sight wherein Buzzo joining the procession when the body was being taken to the temple… As I tried to get hold on my own choking emotions, I recalled what Benjamin DeHaven had said:

“Even dogs know how important it is to hear somebody else breathing.”

I am happy to have a friend like Buzzo in my life.

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