Friday, January 29, 2010


Mr. L.K. Advani had visited a local college some days ago. One of the college trustees, a young doctor-friend of mine, had invited me; but, I couldn't attend the function. When I met the doctor the next day, I enquired about the function. He told me about what Mr. Advani had said in his speech.

Mr. Advani was addressing a mixed gathering of teachers, students and others. My doctor-friend told me that, Mr. Advani reminded the audience about the need to take India forward. To achieve this goal, he gave them a very simple mantra: 'Each one of you should do your job well... very well."

I was in the dispensary of this doctor for my check up. As he was treating me, he was describing me about the impact Mr Advani's words had on him the previous day. And, I could feel that!

"Wow!" I thought in my mind. "What a simple, yet powerful mantra that is!"

We do not see the solution that way. We see in terms of revolutions; we want big solutions. Moreover, we look for solutions 'outside'... The Government should do it, Institutions should do it, Politicians should do it, Police should do it. We rarely think that all changes begin with us... that, we are the catalysts of the change we seek. And, we rarely imagine that doing our respective jobs well - very well - is the way to take our country forward.

Politicians do a lot of blah, blah. Mr. Advani is no exception. But, this mantra was ,surely, no blah, blah. Mr. Advani did his job - his address - well, that afternoon. India will go forward...

But, let me do my job, too, well. Very, very well.

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