Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The less you hold on to things, the more you own them!

It is, indeed, a great paradox of life.

One reason why we constantly experience lack of money in our life is because, we tend to hold on to it, hoard it, are suspicious about it.

When money comes in, however small in quantity, do we feel grateful for the inflow? When we pay our bills, do we pay with blessings to the payee?

The answer is obvious. When money comes in, we take it for granted; we assume that we are 'entitled ' to it. And, when we pay our bills, we grumble, we resist, we feel robbed by some one... and there is a nagging sadness, sorrow and even anger inside.

So, how can we ever experience prosperity? How can we ever feel content and happy over money?

On 31st of December, a surprise envelope came to me by post. I wasn't expecting at all the IT refund that day. For a moment, I paused and thanked. I could feel the gladness, fulfilment. It had nothing to do with the size of the amount; but, certainly, it had a lot to do with the depth of my thankfulness.

They call such surprises in life - 'Bonus'.

The more you expect, the less you receive. The more you hold on, the less our feel the ownership. I experienced this truth last evening, all over again. The Internet bill of our laptop wasn't the kind I was expecting. When my wife wanted me to pay it, I blasted at her and my son. The usage was really high; the bill was really high... and my temper, too! But, in the end, I could not avoid the payment. I had to pay... and, I did it with lots of resistance, grumbling, sorrow and anger.

The result? No doubt - pain and lack.

It is less than twenty-four hours since that explosion. Now, I don't feel the 'pain' at all. Hey, why did I sweat so much? Hey, could I save the situation? Hey, after all that emotional 'hatyachaar', can I be sure that the usage in the future will be less, the bill amount will be less, my temper will be less?

I have, already, dropped the incident behind. But, before doing that, I had to clear the clutter... I had to write this post... I had to 'bless' Reliance Broadband for sending such a surprise, which I mistook as a 'rude shock'.

It is for me to take care of my happiness... Not for 'them'. Yes, neither my spouse, nor my son and nor Reliance.

The less I tighten the grip, the more I shall experience the freedom.



Girish said...

That’s an intresting article.

If we are due to give someone then we don’t have any option but to give and if we give someone on or before due date with smile what we earn is GOODWILL and we don’t have to pay anything extra for that.

I would also justify you reaction seeing the internet bill as what is gone is gone but in the coming month may be the internet usage would be done economically,

Do agree that with the less tighten grip you shall experience more freedom …..

As principle goes in Cricket that….
With stiff hands you will not be able to catch the ball but with the grip of soft hands you will definitely catch and win.


Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hi Girish,

Liked your Cricket example. Your feed make encourages me. Do tell me the areas you disagree, too.



Girish said...

Nothing to disagree on. Looking forwards for more of your blog articles.