"Everything, in life, happens at the right time, and for the right reasons." I was talking to a gentleman on some 'troubling' issues in his life.

"Maybe, that is so in your life," this gentleman was quick to react. "In mine, everything happens at the wrong time, and for the wrong reasons."

His life had problems; he felt, life was 'unfair' towards him. And, here was I, a 'philosopher', trying to calm him down with those famous - perhaps, outdated - words, "Everything, in life, happens at the right time and for the right reasons." Apparently, he had become tired and fed up listening to that 'Pop Philosophy'. He wanted to yell at me, "Stop that crap; give me something that works."

I had nothing else to give him, except that crap.

Is Life, in deed, 'unfair' to some like this gentleman? Does everything for them happen at the 'wrong time' and for 'wrong reasons'?

How can I answer these questions for others? I can answer them for myself. That is why that gentleman was so quick in his reaction: "Maybe, that's so in your life; in mine, everything happens at the wrong time, and for the wrong reasons." It is his life, his experience, his perception, his response and conclusion. My life, too, is filled with problems and challenges. And, as in everybody's life, my problems and challenges come without any announcement; leave alone my invitation. They try to intimidate me, scare me, frustrate me... try to make me cynical and gloomy. And, for a while, they do succeed. But then, there is something called 'zest' for life. I think, that is the anchor... It helps me regain my perspective, bounce back again and move on. It helps me to say, mostly with a smile, "It's okay; the dark clouds will pass... I will learn; I will grow; I will emerge stronger and wiser.

How can we ever feel grateful in life, for any situations - however good or bad they may be - without feeling zestful? We need to truly love life. We may not like our life-situations. But, Life is much beyond all our life-situations. Life is, always, simple, uncomplicated and even permanent. Peace has this nature... This quiet state of being. The more we react to our situations, the more ungrateful we become. The more ungrateful we become, the more sorrow, sadness and anger we experience. That is why it is said, "We can be peaceful even when we are nailed on the cross." Pain is there... very much there. But, to suffer or not to suffer... It is always our 'choice'.

And, that comes from our zest for life. Our love.

Tomorrow will, definitely, be another day. And, I know, there will be new problems and challenges. So what? May that be that way... as it has been always. How can I ask the sky for more sunshine, less of clouds? How can I expect different stars and a different moon? Everybody’s sky is my sky, too; everybody’s stars are mine, too. The moon, too. If that is so, every time I look at the sky, I have a choice: to sing in glory, or to whine in complaints. The choice is, certainly, mine.

I did not argue with the gentleman when he reacted. I try hard not to do the same whenever I gaze into the God’s sky. May He provide the wisdom to each of his children… That is His choice!

To me, everything, in life, not only happens at the right time and for the right reasons, it also happens for my good.



Girish said…
Bad patches comes in every body;s life. When One door Closes the other door opens but the sound of the closing of door is so loud that we miss the open door and began to repent on unfortunate events.
If person facing a problem thinks to bundle all his worries aside for a moment and see the problem of others then he will rightly feel that his worries are nothing.

Of course worries are there but This Too Shall Will Pass Away.

To end with, I believe and follow what my Gerry Sir says “Leave the things for the moment and proceed ahead”


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