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Today, our housing society had its AGM. I was chairing it for the fifth time in a row. This is our last year in office. The faith placed in us by our members, their co-operation and the support, all along these years – have been overwhelming and humbling to say the least.

Like in all Co-operative Societies, we, too, had been struggling to deal with some real challenges posed by a small group of members. It had been relentlessly going on for years, despite the large section of our members appealing to the concerned group in every possible meeting, and, also, outside the meetings… But, in vain. Every effort to appeal to the conscience of the group has failed, so far; the group has remained adamant and the personal vendetta continues with no hope of reconciliation in sight.

In Life, our ego-trips are like our Tiger safari. Before we get on Tiger’s back, we assume we are up to some great joy-ride… But, fools we are to do that… Stupid, dumb idiots! Once we are on his back, it is tough – almost impossible - to get off!

So, this group, which chose to take this Tiger safari some seven years ago, is, now, caught-up in a catch-22 situation…

Well, I am mentioning all this, here, not to wash our dirty linens in public… I am doing it, here, because, in all through our frustrating and harrowing moments, our General Body – the real voice of our society - stood by us, supported us, empowered us, helped us pass every major resolution, gave us strength to fight half-a-dozen court cases… and, like in true spirit of a Co-operative Society, gave us hope to strive for unity, harmony and progress. We are a very simple folk… with very simple aspirations… Our General Body had found us, the Managing Committee, worthy of its trust…

And, so, we have sailed this long, taking along our folk, to realize our simple, collective aspirations…

You may be clueless as to why I am writing on this subject…

In our agenda, today, we had proposed a certain source of revenue. It was done so with the sole objective of generating revenue to our Society and enable it to build a buffer for the future. Many members had suggested us to include it in this agenda, and several other members were happy that it was included. However, last few days, I have been approached by a very small pocket of members, who would be directly affected by this move. They knew very clearly, that the proposal would be carried through hands down in the AGM as the overwhelming majority was for it.

However, heeding to the earnest appeal of the small minority, we encouraged the concerned members to voice out their anxieties and concern, freely and fearlessly, which they did. As a norm, a vote was taken after that. In this vote, today, as expected, the overwhelming majority was in support of the proposal. We could have gone about passing a suitable resolution to this effect.

But, what we did was a little unusual. Spontaneously, I voiced my personal view that, though it was clear that we could get it passed, we should refrain from it… just to respect a small minority which, all along our tumulus times, had stood by us as our real cheerleaders. My spontaneous suggestion was immediately applauded by one and all, including my own colleagues.

Honestly, I felt a lot good about it.

I had first heard about the legend of Alexander-the-Great showing his magnanimity to his captive, King Porus, in my school text-book. Ever since then, I had loved the phrase ‘Being magnanimous, both, in victory and defeat’.

As the Commander-in-chief of our own army, we had just won…

But, when we did what we spontaneously did, 

I realized how it felt to be magnanimous 

in one’s victory…

I felt like a true Emperor, after this unusual victory of our hearts…

I couldn't wait to share my feelings…



Anonymous said…
You have used such simple incidence to convey a profound message, really admirable!
- Hanna
Mukesh D said…
Nice article, very meaningful. Mukesh
Dear Gerry,
It is perceived that followers are the one who follow a leader.
But, it is a fact that its other way round.
Its the leader who follows the people!
The one who goes in line with the people emerges to be a leader of sorts, a inspiration and sometimes, aspirations, for few.
As I have always maintained, you connect to the chord inside, so for me it isnt a surprise that you followed people! :)
And with the five years gone, the plant which was sown, has emerged as a tree.
I am sure lots of people like us need the calmness, serenity, shade and tranquility of the tree!

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