Thursday, September 19, 2013



Pic.: Neetu Sharma Sachdeva

A few days ago, I was watching on TV a documentary film on late Michael Jackson. It was titled – ‘MICHAEL JACKSON – The Life of an Icon’. It was produced by one of Jackson’s most loyal friends, David Gest (2011). Last years of this legend were traumatic and mercilessly humiliating for him. In spite of his mind-swirling fame, barely a few stood by the icon till his end. The rest of them deserted him.

One of the few souls who stood around Michael Jackson during his harrowing years was his mother. She knew he was innocent and was unfairly hounded… With her unflinching faith in her son, she would attend the volatile court sessions every day... She prayed and hoped that he would be vindicated. And, when that finally happened, she was the happiest soul on earth.

David Gest was one more friend of Michael Jackson, who remained loyal to the legend through all his good times and bad times… David’s view about his friend didn't change. His faith in the icon lasted rock-steady till the end… And, now, thorough this film, even after the legend was gone!

That night, I liked the film so much that I started wondering, if an superstar, as stupendously great as Michael Jackson, couldn't do anything to save himself from such horrendously public humiliation – which after all were for such silly reasons – and, if friends deserted him at his hour of humiliation and pain, what about us, the plain mortals?

I was really amazed to see the universal truth – that, people surround you in your glorious days, and shun you when your chips are down…

It happened to Jesus Christ…

It happens to all of us…

Only a few good friends, that’s all… The rest are the proverbial ‘Fair-weather friends’… and, that’s really an old story. An old truth!

Oprah Winfrey once said:

“Everyone wants to ride with you in the Limo; but, what you need is someone

who will take the bus with you when the Limo breaks down.”

Let me re-phrase this: What my friend needs is someone who will take the bus when his Limo breaks down…

Will I take the bus?



Vijay Kanal said...

Very good and very inspiring. Thanks... Vijay Kanal

Jeena Shah said...

Nicely written sir.
-- Jeena