Thursday, September 5, 2013


“I can’t become angry with you, today,” I said to Abhinav. He had wished me, along with others in the class, “Happy Teachers’ Day, sir!”

Yes, it was my early-morning first-batch… and, it was a Teachers’ Day. I had to be a lot gentle with my students… a lot patient.

As I was teaching, I saw Abhinav limping. He had not done his homework, while others had. Looking at his struggle, I, finally, broke my resolution…

“Can you see Abhinav, by not doing your homework, what you have done to your  confidence?” I asked Abhinav, showing my annoyance, “All that it would have taken for you, may be, some thirty minutes to complete that homework.”

“Sorry sir,” Abhinav responded meekly, 

“I will not repeat this mistake.”

I was pleased with the sincere promise my student had made. “I am happy Abhinav that you have owned up,” I said, “It only takes making and keeping a small silent-promise to oneself.”

My heart was prompting me to tell them something important. So, I continued… “You are my first batch today. Don’t I need motivation to keep going well through the day? Where will my motivation come from? Don’t you think that you inspire me as much as I do?” Looking at Abhinav, I said, “Beta, if you keep the little promise, which you have just made to me, I would cherish it as the best of all Teachers’-Day wishes, I have received today.”

Through rest of the lecture, I found myself very, very motivated… inspired…. And, yes, ‘Happy’, too!


Pic.: Rajiv Sharma


Anonymous said...

Indeed Sir our students can motivate n inspire us by lil things.. Hope Abhinav keeps his promise

Happy Teachers Day Sir

Regards & Wishes Soniya

Tulip Shah said...

Happy teachers day sir; you are the best teacher in my life!
--- Tulip Shah

Gopika Verma said...

You writings are straight from the heart and I love them for their simplicity and honesty.
- Gopika