Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Pic.: Neerja Panchal

We express our love, concern and care for our loved ones in thousand different ways. Most of them are done quietly, without any ceremony around them… And, so, they hardly get noticed by our loved ones.

Yes, our parents, spouses, children and other dear-ones do thousand small-acts of love, concern and care for us… while we are totally ‘blind’ to those acts!

Obviously, we find them unloving, uncaring and irresponsible… and, we do scream at the top of our voices to let them know how we feel about it…

Our loved-ones do the same to us…

This means, we will eternally remain for each other – unloving, uncaring and irresponsible… Won’t we?

All acts of love are – and should be - soundless… quiet ones. The noise and ceremony around them, make them ugly, vulgar!

Whether we like it or not, and whether we are happy about it or not… unless we are able to open our eyes and hearts to all those soundless acts of love by our dear and near ones in life, we shall always keep cribbing about what we miss from them… what they do not offer us… how irresponsible and uncaring they are…

Yes sir, the small acts of love, care and concern… Thousands of such acts which keep popping up so regularly, every day in our lives… We need to pause and see them, savor them, value and cherish them…

Of what use are those diamonds and mansions… Of what value are those luxury cars and holidays… Of what worth are all those public displays of affection and publicity… yes, if in the silent corridors of our own hearts, we cannot acknowledge, value and celebrate those little acts which quietly come from our loved-ones’ hearts?

We all know how our dear-ones love us and care for us. Only thing we need to reinforce in our hearts is the fact that they do that in ways best known to them… and, with their best intentions… Yes, they do… Yes, they are good, they are caring and they are loving. And, more importantly, they ARE responsible…

Perhaps, that’s why we all love the ICICI-Prudential Insurance Company’s ad so much!

Dil ke poore bachhe hain
Par bande achhe hai…Par bande achhe hain,
Bhool Bhaal jaate hain,

thode kachhe hain….Par Bande achhe hain..
Par bande ache hain
Inki aadton ki,Hazaar kisse hain..
Par bande achhe hain,
Change vange hote nahin,
Par man ke sachhe hain,Par bande achhe hain.

And, behold the message this heart-warming ad (by  Lintas Lowe) ends with:

Jo zimmedari nibhate hain.

Jataate nahin…

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John P. said...

Love that ad and yes, loved the post too. Heart-warming.
---- John

Anonymous said...

Very, very true. V take our loved ones' love and care for granted, and, they too do the same.
... Bharat

Purvi Kamath said...

Par, bande bahut achhe hain!
-- Purvi Kamath