Sunday, September 8, 2013


 Pic.: Anima D'Cunha

This morning, when I saw, in the newspapers, the horrific images of the crushed Shirdi-bound SUV, I went numb!

The man, his wife and their two young children – the entire family – perished, on the spot, in a wink!

What was their mistake?

Even in their wildest nightmare, they must not have imagined such a calamity could ever befall them… A speeding luxury-bus, steered by a crazy and callous driver, would hit the divider, overturn on the other side of the road and destroy the lives of this family…

The accident, also, took away the lives of many pilgrims who were returning from Shirdi in that ill-fated bus!

What was their mistake?

In life, we have been taught to tread cautiously… not to be rash and callous… not to invite trouble…

“Take care…”

“Safe journey…”

“Be careful…”

Most of us do remember these words before embarking upon any journey, any adventure in life… And, invariably, it helps us… That seems to be the only way to proceed… to move out of our homes…

And, then, there are calamities in life… Some brought upon by Nature… and, some by man!

So, should we continue to keep our faith 

in prayers and God… or, should we drop it?

As a Catholic, I have been praying before Mother Mary for help… to guard me against accidents, tragedies and calamities… Today is Her birthday. The first sight I saw, when I woke up, was the chilling images of the tragedy on Mumbai-Nashik road… I could  hear my heart praying:

“Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners…
Now, and at the hour of our death,

Tomorrow will be Lord Ganesha’s birthday. He is the universal ‘protector’ – ‘the Vigneshwara’… My heart keeps praying:

“Guard us, O Lord… Have mercy on us, the pilgrims.”

I see the candles burning… I see the ghee-soaked wicks, too!



Munish Bhuva said...

carries the healing touch. Thank you. Munish

Namrata Shenoy said...

Amazing post, made me really cry with hope!!! Keep writing.
- Namrata

Anonymous said...

Happy feast of Nativity and happy Ganesh Chaturthi to your family sir.
....... Neena