Thursday, March 6, 2014


Pic.:Sherry Haridas
The best thing we should do when confused is: do nothing! 

We do that, many a times, right in the middle of the road. While crossing a busy road, if we find ourselves caught between the vehicles coming from both sides, we have two options before us: to panic and show our confusion, or stand there still. If we panic and show our confusion, we end up confusing vehicles on both sides... Instead, if we stand there still, right in the middle of the road, invariably, the vehicles from both sides will pass... the road will be now clear, so will be the mind.... It is time to move!

This principle applies everywhere else in life, too. The traffic in our minds is crazy, at times, making us run helter-skelter... only to add more mess, more confusion into our lives. If we operate from our confused states, the mess will only increase... We end up making some bad decisions in life!

Confusion is the sign that there is clutter in our minds. And, the clutter goes out when clarity comes in... It is, therefore, necessary to do nothing – for a while - when faced with confusion... Just leave the mess to be... Reach to the quiet place in our hearts... Reflect... Contemplate... Try to see things in perspective...

That’s the upside of the confusion... It reminds us to slow down, retreat for a while... Let go of all our compulsions – the ‘musts’, the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘pleasings’ in our daily lives ... It reminds us to check if our success ladders are leaning against the right walls... Yes, confusion is the cradle of all creative intelligence!

But, then, there is that downside of confusion... When we get so overwhelmed and intimidated by the fog... when we panic and run in all directions... and make those bad decisions...

It is best to stand still... and allow the traffic to move by...

It is best to move when the road is clear!


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Wonderful insights! Neeraj Dhir