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The Final-CA results (2015) were out yesterday. As usual, only 8.26% (of the total 42, 847 students appeared) passed the exam. The top ranker had scored 75.75%!

Yes, as usual, the plight of a final-year CA student is quite unpredictable, even dicey. Some, who you thought would pass, don’t… and, some, who you thought won’t, do. So, am I trying to prove, through this, that it all depends on one’s luck… or, God’s moods?

I have never believed in luck… and, I don’t want to. In my entire teaching career, I have never ever asked, even a single student, whether he has passed or failed… Leave alone how much he has scored. I have taught them well… with all my commitment, focus and love… I have not compromised on my work… my outlook towards it. And, I have reminded my students about the same: “You need the right aptitude and attitude… You need to remain committed, focused and passionate… You have the control on your work, your efforts… but, not on the outcome, the results. Pray to God to give you this wisdom, to help you remain focused and passionate… and, probably, to have mercy on you, too... There ends your prayer.”

And, how God will answer your prayer…God alone knows!

And, so be it. Amen!

In life, you do not necessarily have to be Chartered Accountant, a Doctor, an Engineer, an Architect, an Actor or an Athlete to feel happy and successful. All that you need is the knowledge of what your heart aspires and follow it faithfully, doggedly, passionately. That’s all. So, if your heart aspires you to be an excellent gardener, a dishwasher, a chef, a teacher or a preacher… an advocate or a techie, I say, please follow your heart… with all the commitment, focus and passion at your disposal. Don’t ever compromise when it comes to work… Pray a lot, a lot… Have faith in the Universe and its abundance… If you are honest and deserving, there is a lot out there to lay your hand on…

“But, do not take commitments and dreams casually… Do not take God’s grace for granted!” Yes, just this morning, I reminded some of my twelfth-standard students. One of them has been learning from me for a while.  He wants to be a CA. But, I do not see in him the kind of aptitude or the attitude needed to be one. So, all this while, I have been drilling into his head... “Look my young-friend, you need to be serious about your CA plans – You need to have the hunger and discipline for it. But, the young-man hasn’t got the message, yet. This morning, I spoke about the latest Final-CA results in the class… He was already aware of the 8.26%!

“So, you think, you can be one of them?” I provoked…

“Why not?” the defence was ready…

He was a HSC-Board student, whose syllabus, compared to the syllabus of ISC and CBSE Boards, was very, very shallow. The Government text which they followed had plenty of mistakes… the problems were too simple… So, to the ones who planned CA, I had repeatedly told to solve from multiple textbooks. “You need to go beyond this class… You need to solve from different texts (even from other Boards)… Yes, “That falls into ‘attitude,” I would tease them…

So, when our young-man, instinctively defended himself by his counter question, “Why not?”  I asked him, if he had bought any other text books.

“Yes sir, I have,” the reply was swift and full of confidence…

“Which one?” I wanted to know

“God knows!”

Well, the laughter in the class-room was as instinctive as the young-man’s response…

When the laughter subsided, I asked our young-man, once again:
“So, you think, you can be one of them?”

There was no response…

I promised the class, that I would be blogging on the subject today. “Please read the Post… I will title it - ‘GOD KNOWS’…

Hope, they read it.



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