Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Pic.: Sheela Krihnamony

“The buffalo cannot see his own back.” This is one of my favorite expressions. Sometimes, I give it to someone trying to shut his mouth whenever he points at me – the buffalo in front of him – and chides, “Look at that - your back… so black, so ugly!” And, sometimes, I get it from someone whenever I mock at his black, ugly back…

True. The buffalo cannot see his own back. He needs another buffalo to point it out for him!

I have some people around me, my close people, who can tell me that point blank… yes, straight on my face. “Mind your own back, you buffalo,” they can tell me whenever I try to point at their or someone else’s uncovered back.

So, one of my dear ones, who can make us laugh with his jokes and satire gave it to me, a few days ago…

“I am very fond of the jokes and satire your share on FB,” I told my friend, “But, I can’t understand why you ‘like’ your every post before anyone else does.”

“Because, that’s what you keep telling us to do in your every blog,” my friend retorted.

“What?” I asked puzzled.

“You preach us about ‘self-esteem’, don’t you?” he asked me.

“Yes, I do… So?” I was still puzzled.

“So, you keep reminding us that if we do not have faith in ourselves, in whatever we do or create… if we do not ‘like’ ourselves, what we do or create… who else will?” My friend was telling me, “Boss, don’t bother about my back; bother about your own!”

Honestly, only after my friend asked me this, in his own funny way, I realized that, it was none of my business to question someone – however near or dear he or she is to me – as to why he behaved the way he did.

My friend ‘likes’ to ‘like’ his own posts…

But, why am I obsessed with it?


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