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In the eighties and the early nineties, we had Doordarshan as our only TV channel. We had, also, the one-and-only Sabira Merchant with her popular programme ‘What’s The Good Word’. My wife, for one, was a huge fan of Sabira Merchant and her programme.

Those were the days, one never heard so much (as one does these days) about Grooming, Etiquette, Finishing Schools. The term called – ‘Image Consultancy’ was not yet born. Just today, I saw a two front-pages (full) of Bombay Times with aesthetically designed advertisement by an Image Consultancy organization inviting women to be entrepreneurs (Free Workshop). It shows how the idea has caught-up with the masses, these days!

Well, I am talking about all this, in this Post, today, because, one of my dear friends and trainers at The Dawn Club, Mrs. Satinder Oberoi, had a long-cherished dream: to get trained under the legend and the ‘original guru’ – Sabira Merchant. So, some days ago, she attended a two-day programme conducted by the doyenne of what is called ‘Allure’ aka image consultancy or whatever that is.

In her mid seventies, Sabira Merchant is still graceful and inspiring. Satinder came out with that feeling ‘I can peacefully die now’!

We all have these kinds of long-cherished dreams… I have mine and you have yours. And, Dilip Vasu had his…

Now, who is this Dilip Vasu?

Some twenty-five years ago, I had taught this young boy when he was in his TY B’Com. Those were the initial days of Dawn Club. We had an amazing library. Dilip would spend hours and hours going through the inspirational books. He would attend almost all our Workshops and PD programmes.

What I remember about Dilip, now, is that he was so ordinary, so simple that one would hardly take him as a serious candidate for anything challenging in life. He was too soft-spoken, almost sounding unassertive, I can say. But, he was one of the most sincere, eager, and dedicated young men that I had come across. A year or two later, I lost touch with Dilip… and, that was it…

Last evening, I received a call. It was Dilip from Indore. He told me that he is presently the Principal of Choitram IB School in Indore. I took some time to comprehend that – not because of any bias… but, because I was really glad for him. A simple boy, who hailed from our local area, who went to normal school and college, who had nothing exemplary to exhibit or boast of – but, had the guts and gumption to take himself up all the way to head an IB School, which is ranked 5th in India!

Apparently, for this IB School Principal, the self-learning has not stopped, and it will not. As a strange co-incidence, Dilip had come down, all the way from Indore to Mumbai, to attend the same Sabira Merchant programme which Satinder had attended. Satinder had picked some of our books to gift away to Sabira ma’am. She, also, gave away, randomly, some DC business cards to other participants. Dilip told me yesterday, that he took the card from Satinder and saw it only last afternoon… When he saw my name on it, he had called me immediately…

We spoke for over thirty minutes... Particularly on those early days of DC… Dilip was profusely grateful for those days and assured me, that he would invite me and our team to his school soon…

I had blogged yesterday about the modern obsession with parents for enrolling their children with ‘great’ schools and colleges. I had titled the Post as - ‘YES, YOUR COLLEGE IS 'THE BEST'… BUT, WHAT ABOUT YOU?’

Thinking about ‘our boy’, Dilip Vasu, brings a big smile on my face. It fills my heart with pride!



Dilip said…
My Dear Gerry Sir, it was great talking to you after decades, you were the MAN who introduced me to read inspirational books. I will remain great full to you forever. Now again we are together. Awaiting to meet you soon.
Sir you made the difference in my life.

Dilip Vasu.
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hi Dilip, I am really happy for u and proud. May u shine more and may u inspire hundreds of minds with what God has showered on u. Tcre. Love
peekay said…
very inspiring ! way to go !! i will pass this around to humble ordinary intelligent hardworking indians ! as a CASE STUDY !!!
peekay said…
very inspiring ! way to go !! i will pass this around to humble ordinary intelligent hardworking indians ! as a CASE STUDY !!!
peekay said…
very inspiring ! way to go !! i will pass this around to humble ordinary intelligent hardworking indians ! as a CASE STUDY !!!
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hi Peekay, thanx for ur encouragement. Dilip's story deserves what u are proposing. Yes, pl do. Love.

P.S. BTW, loved the name 'peekay'!

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