Thursday, February 18, 2016


Pic.: Shankar Ramachandran

Today, I had been to a local Magistrates' Court in connection with our society matter. Being the Hon. Chairman of our society, I was there to defend.

The old advice is a wise advice: Stay away from courts and hospitals …

I would go to any extent to follow this advice …

But, many times, sickness – yours or your loved ones’ – doesn’t seek your permission to come. Like, my father-in-law is in Jaslok Hospital for more than two weeks now; major part of it in ICU … He and my mother-in-law have been in and out of hospitals for quite many years …

Now, how can my wife and I keep the hospital away?

Similarly, I would never ever think of filing a court case on someone … I will explore all other means of settling the matter outside the court … For, once you are there, you have already got on a tiger’s back …

It is difficult to get off!

But, what if someone drags you there?

Incidentally, I bumped into two of my ex-students who had come there with identical problem: Domestic violence!

One of them said, that he had been coming to the court for over seven years … The other one, with a two-year-old baby, said, that he had been coming there for nearly a year. One of them had an arranged marriage, the other had a love marriage. But, the issues they described to me – during today’s brief interaction – were identical. Both had been dragged there by their young wives … Both had become tired and frustrated.

I have no facts on these young couples’ disputes, except this one: Courts are not the best places to get justice … Our hearts are!

But, at hindsight, I do feel, that hospital and courts are the best places to find spiritual experiences. Yes, often, they send you home as a stronger, wiser and compassionate person …

Am I being too naive?

If I am, so be it.


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