Monday, February 22, 2016


Pic.: Chetna Shetty

“Don’t bring up the past of a person
who is trying to improve his future.”

 - Unknown

Sounds familiar?

My friend, Deepak, had shared this quote, this morning. The moment I saw it, I could sense the familiar mixed feelings in my heart …

I have, often, felt angry when people in my life - despite knowing that I have been trying to improve my future, putting behind my past – have kept bringing up my past …

Yes, it has only derailed the process of change.

And, often, I have been guilty for bringing up the past of someone … yes, despite knowing that he has been trying to put behind his past and improve his future.

Past is a grave. If I try to dig it, I know what to expect … Yet, often, I do it in my  times of ignorance … mostly when I am hurt, annoyed or insecure … when I am trying to get even, trying to settle score … when ego clouds my thinking …

And, I know, whenever someone has done it to me, he has done it for the same reason!

If I believe that I am human and need other person’s help by not bringing up my past while I am trying to improve my future, I must also believe that the other person, too, is human and needs my help by not bringing up his past while he is trying to improve his future.

Past is a grave … Let’s leave the grave alone …
Yes, for the sake of a pleasant future!


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