Sunday, February 7, 2016


Pic.: Ivan Mathias

“Just think, if it weren't for marriage,
men would go through life
thinking they had no faults at all.”

-      Author: All wives


This is the Valentine Day month. They say ‘Love is in the air’…

“Not love,” said someone to me, last night, “it is ‘smog’ from the Mankhurd dumping-ground.”

Perhaps, he was right… When the ‘smog’ gets cleared, we may be able to see ‘Love’ there…. In the air!

So much of love, so much of love and so much of love… that most of us have become not only blind, but also fools… Yes, men and women both…

Before the marriage, everything looks ‘perfect’… romantic… Once married, nothing seems right, leave alone ‘perfect’… Everything skewed… screwed!

“You know, I was a FOOL when I married you,” once, a wife had yelled at her hubby, in frustration…

 “Yes darling, you are right,” her hubby had replied, “but, I was in love so much… that I did not notice it!”

Whenever I hear this joke, I smile… How many times wives and husbands, both, have said this to each other… and, how many times has come the same reply!

“Keep your eyes wide open before the wedding,” Benjamin Franklin had advised, “half shut afterwards.”

We do exactly the reverse… We keep our eyes fully closed before we say “I do”… and, then, we keep them wide open…

Anyways, enjoy the season… the Love in the air!!!!


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