Saturday, February 20, 2016


Pic.: Ivan Mahias
An hour ago, Vivek, my friend, called me to check if I had taken my lunch. I hadn’t. So, he said he would be coming down (He lives in the same building where I have my office) with some dal and rice. In ten minutes, Vivek came to my office with a plate … Some basmati rice, black dal (both steaming hot) and a small quantity of beet-and-onion salad flavored only with lemon and salt. That’s all …

I was hungry and I wanted to eat it when the food was still hot. “Sit down, will talk as I eat,” I said to Vivek.

“No sir, you won’t be able to fully relish your food if we talk while you eat,” Vivek said as he started to go back, “Please relish it ‘fully’ … its color, the aroma, the taste and  even the beauty of the plate …”

“You have nailed it on my head, Vivek,” I confessed, “I need that piece of advice not just while eating, but also while bathing, breathing or walking.”

“Sir, I tell my 13-year-old twins the same thing … “Please see the color of the beet, rice, feel the aroma of dal and basmati rice … eat slowly, gratefully … and don’t leave anything on your plate.”

I was speechless!

Just for those fifteen minutes! Yes, just for those fifteen minutes, when I am supposed to eat, can’t I fully remain present to my eating? Why am I anxious?

On that plate, there was only some basmati rice, some black dal and a small quantity of beet-and-onion salad. But, today, after I had this lunch, I felt as though I had a heavenly meal … so satisfying, so peaceful!

“Have you ever observed a Sadhu eating his meal?” long time ago, I had heard a facilitator asking us in one of the Workshops, “He doesn’t worry about his next meal … He eats this meal gloriously!”

Just for one meal … Yes, just for one meal, can’t I be fully present … Be here and now?

Thank you Vivek for this meal … The Sadhu’s meal!


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