Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Pic.: Natrajan Ramsubramani


“Missed the moment when I greeted Anil Kapoor and also didn’t watch me dance? Here is the solution:
Thanks for your support.- KARAN*.”

“Karan, I am glad and proud. Will surely watch the video. Best wishes. Sir”

“You have helped me and many other students to get rid of stage fear.”

“Karan, yes, I feel blessed when I hear that from students like you. In coming years, you need to help others. Gnt.”

“Will join the class again after my 10th.”

“Are you in 10th now, Karan?”

“No, I am in 9th… 9th and 10th are two very imp years... Classes keep me busy.”

“Okay, there is time. Yes, focus on exams, Karan. Please tell your friends about Public Speaking; we have started enrollments for both younger and older groups. Gnt.”

“Yes, sure.”



“Good morning Nisha*, Gerry sir here… Have you reached beta?”


“Just give me five minutes, beta… I will be there.”


Both, Karan, who is in 9th standard (my PD student) and Nisha, who is in 11th standard (my commerce student), are two of my favorites… They are very committed and they are extremely bright. I only wish, they had added that little something to make their conversation more personal, more touching…

One three-letter word when you know you are talking to your sir…

Yes, when you know it is he on the other end…

Yes, when you know you have made a call to him or sent a message to him…

Yes, when you know you have been one of his favorites…

Yes, when you know, he has been using your name – call you beta – in his every line…

Yes, when you know it is night, and you should never end your conversation without greeting ‘Good night’… and, when it is morning, you should never start your conversation without greeting ‘Good morning’…

Hello, this is not to complaint about Karan and Nisha. I repeat, they ‘are’ my great students.

I only wish they had added a three-letter word when they communicate with me… Start with a good-morning and end with a good-night…

That’s all…

And, hello, it is not to please me or massage my ego…

Trust me, Karan and Nisha, that little something will make loads of difference!

Love you both.

*Names changed


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