Thursday, June 29, 2017


“The beauty of enmity is insecurity;
 the beauty of friendship is in security.”

In life, our disagreements – even if they seem extremely strong – should not be the reason for our enmity. Enmity comes from a different space… a dark space. If I hold strong grudges against some people in my life for a prolonged period of time, it is clear that I have a serious problem about my self-esteem… that, I have not loved and cared for me enough, right since my childhood. And, it may sound strange… Not loved and cared for me enough? How is it possible? The fact that I am hating and conspiring against someone – doesn’t it indicate, that I have put myself first… I show enough love and care for myself?

Not at all. The reality is this: we cannot hold grudges against others for long and remain compassionate towards ourselves at the same time. The more we focus on harming and destroying others, the more we end up harming and destroying ourselves. Yes, it may not appear so from outside… but, that’s exactly how it works from inside. It eats our inner confidence… reveals us our sad and ugly image, which we will never ever like to share with anyone.  If we are not honest with ourselves – if we do not build our healthy self-esteem - this dark space will keep expanding within us more and more and more. Finally, we will become sadists in life… Losers… Someone like the Joker from the Batman movie, ‘The Dark Night’!

To understand our enemy, we should be strong inside. He may go on a destructive rampage – creating chaos, anarchy and obsession just as Joker in Batman movie does… He may seem making us powerless and fearful… But, to score a victory over insanity, we need to be sane… We need to operate from love and compassion. Only then will the Universe join hands with us to put an end to the darkness of madness!

In Life, only goodness triumphs in the end. Even to believe in this truth, we need to be strong!


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