Friday, June 30, 2017


There is a short Disney film – about 50-minutes in length - by the title‘Young Black Stallion’. I am sure many must have missed it. I first watched it when it was shown in IMAX big screen (Wadala). It was an endearing children film. But, I fell in love with it at first sight. Since then, I have shown this to our little ones in our P.D. sessions scores of times… And, watching these little kids jumping in their seats has made me not only happy but a kid, too!

The movie is about the friendship between a little girl, Neera and a young, wild black-stallion (who Neera names ‘Shetan’). Both Neera and Shetan are separated from their families… and lost in the desert. How they meet… become friends… How Neera learns to calm down wild Shetan, ride on him so bravely and gracefully… How Shetan helps Neera reunite with her family (grandfather and cousin brother) and how Neera helps Shetan to reunite with his own mother and the owner (her own grandfather)… yes, it is an enchanting fable from the Disney stable!

The high point in the film is the customary horse race of the region. Neera yearns to do away sadness from her grandfather’s life by bringing back to him his beloved horse. For that, she decides to take part in the race. She has the support of her little cousin brother. But, their grandfather has sternly warned Neera to stay away from the wild stallion as riding him could prove fatal to the little girl. So, Neera and her cousin brother keep their grandfather in the dark and embark upon a rigorous practice session in the wilderness… When the day of the competition comes, Neera, disguised as a boy, joins the racers… Just as the race begins, the grandfather comes to know about what Neera has just got into… but, it is too late by now… and, for the next 10-15 minutes, we all are brought to the edge of our seats… our hearts racing, too!

Neera wins the race… Takes the cloth off her face… her brother lifts her up jubilantly… but, when she comes near her grandfather… you can behold his anger!

 And, yes, it barely takes a few seconds for you to realize how happy and proud Neera has made her grandfather!

I remembered this story today, almost after 14 years since I first watched it, just to remind myself, that, sometimes, it is better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission!

Sounds familiar?


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