Monday, June 26, 2017


“And if you’re ever feeling lonely, just look at the moon…
Someone, somewhere is looking at it, too.”
- Anonymous

The Moon shall, always, remain a mystery to me! It’s just a lifeless rock. But, thanks the kindness of the Sun, it is able to glow so beautifully. And, thanks to the Moon, we, here on Earth, are able to live through our nights… We are able to dream, romance and hope… We are able to find a friend to talk to when we feel lonely…

The Moon is never the same to us all the days… Sometimes full, sometimes crescent and sometimes it is not there at all… But, deep in our hearts, we know, that the Moon is there somewhere up there, hiding behind the darkness… and, it is going to show up, little by little, until it is gloriously full.

Just as the Moon, who gets life from the Sun, we all get Life from our own ‘Source’ – God. What are we without the mercy of God? Can we shine on our own? Can we remain happy all the days, or, like the Moon does, do we have to go behind the darkness on some days… only to wait for our time to show up little by little?

The Moon causes the tides in the oceans… A gentle reminder to us, that there is a time to bulge and there is a time to shrink… a time to roar and a time to be silent… Nothing is permanent… Nothing stays written on the sands!

And, the Moon, up there, is so lonely itself even though almost all of us call it our friend… Moon has its own self-doubts and insecurities… It wants to talk to someone in times of its own loneliness… And, who else it can turn to other than the little stars floating around it?

Yes, the Moon shall, always, remain a mystery to me… It will never cease to fascinate me!

“The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to,” Carl Sandburg had said. What if this friend wasn’t there for us, up  there? Life would have been a long moonless night!

We have sighted the Moon… It is Eid!


Pic.: Nishtha Narryani

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