Thursday, June 22, 2017


A friend of mine gave me a lift just a while ago. I was meeting him after a long time. So, I asked him, “Is everything fine? I am seeing you after a very long time.”

The gentleman, who is in his mid-thirties, is well-placed in a multinational company. His work involves extensive travel and use of technology.

“Parents’ health issues and my work pressure,” the gentleman explained, “It has been tough to cope with.”

I had seen his father and mother both shrinking gradually. Barely a few months ago, when I saw his dad, I felt very sorry… each step looked like a massive milestone! After that, I had not been seeing the gentleman’s parents… “They are not able to move out,” the gentleman told me, today.

Our conversation took a turn from there. “That generation did not have the kind of life style we are having,” the gentleman told me, “We all will start shrinking right in our thirties and forties!”

I nodded my head!

None of us – I said ‘none’…. Neither a kid nor a youngster, neither a parent nor a grandparent, neither a teacher, preacher, businessman, doctor, judge, CEO or a peon – yes, none of us is spared from this lifestyle which is predominantly driven by technology. We blamed Films, TV and computers once… now, it is all there right in our hands, on our mobile screens, and it is all there 24/7 all through the year. Right since we open our eyes till we shut our eyes late in the night – and for some, there is no such thing called a ‘day’ and a ‘night’ -  yes, it’s crazy out there…. Most of us don’t move our butts… don’t lift our eyes… and, do not know if ours lungs breathe or our hearts beat!

“What about us in a few years from now?” the gentleman asked me when I was in his car…

Do I check my mobile screen as soon as I wake up at 5?

I do.

Do I check my mobile screen as I retire late night?

I do.

And, do I check my mobile screen, continuously, all through my day?

I do.


Just felt like confessing.

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