Thursday, June 8, 2017


A year ago, a lady came to me with her young daughter. The daughter was in tenth standard (ICSE) and the year had just begun. “Sir, everyone in our family is from the Science field; but, my daughter is very clear about her choice… She wants to take up Commerce.”

“That’s really nice, ma’am,” I complimented, “It helps immensely if one is very clear.”

The mother continued, “Sir, she aims high… She is a bright, hardworking and intelligent student… She goes all the way to achieve what she wants. So, in tenth, she expects to get over 95%; but, she wants to take up Commerce.”

I was even more impressed.  They wanted to get a few sessions on the fundamentals of Commerce and Accountancy… even though there was one year still left.

Last evening, I received a call from the mother. “Sir, my daughter got 96% in tenth and, as I told you a year ago, she wants to go into Commerce stream.”

This morning, I took off with the girl’s eleventh-standard studies. During our discussion, I asked the girl, as to what had fascinated her about Commerce field… “Do you have a specific place in mind where you want to reach?”

“A RBI Governor, sir,” the girl looked into my eyes and said.

I got chills in my bones!

Can this girl – from our neighborhood – become a RBI Governor one day?

“If Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai from remote villages in South India could become heads of the mightiest companies in the world, Microsoft and Google respectively, and if each and every past RBI Governor had come from a humble household like yours and mine, beta, you can certainly become what you want to,” I said to this young one. Then, I added: “As the saying goes, shoot for the moon; even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

It is interesting to watch the process of choosing one’s vocation in life. It truly fascinates me, intrigues me… “Why people choose what they do?” this question has cast a long spell on me!

I have a gut feeling: This young girl will become our RBI Governor, one day!

Late last night, I saw this message from my friend Dr. Deepak on WhatApp:

“You only need to find yourself… Everything else can be googled.”

Sundar Pichai, who comes across as a co-commuter in our Mumbai locals, and who reportedly takes home an annual salary, as head of Google, of over 200 million US dollars... yes, this young man can tell us if he found himself on his own or by googling!

Pic.: Shruti Agarwal

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