Friday, August 11, 2017


I have written about this before… yet, I am writing about it, today: The very thought that some people always think about me fondly… that they keep me in their hearts always… yes, this is a self-empowering and self-healing thought. I am very conscious of the fact that at every point of time, I am in someone’s heart… that they love me, care for me and accept me for what I am… This thought keeps me eternally hopeful, loving and loveable… even a lot fearless in life.

It is true, the other way around, too. There are some special people who I have kept in my heart, always… And, that very thought must be so reassuring and empowering for those people.

The beauty of this is, that we do not have to tell it from the mountain-top. This is a silent act of loving and caring… It reaches miles afar, it touches and you can feel it from oceans and deserts afar! These people do not ask you, “Why didn’t you call me on my birthday or anniversary?” Nor, do we ask the same to them. They judge less and find faults in us very, very less. We do the same to them.

Frankly, we need this kind of space inside us. Else, life would be too harsh, too heartless to deal with.

One such person called me a while ago. “What a pleasant surprise!” I expressed my joy on receiving the call from this person.

“Just wanted to hear your voice!” this person said.

A couple of birthdays, anniversaries, new years, and Christmases have gone by. Neither of us had greeted each other… But, yes, I always had the person in my heart… and, I am sure, I was there in this persons’ heart, as well…

It is just that, we need many in our lives like this… Who just keep us in their hearts and we keep them in our hearts… That’s enough. It doesn’t need validation… doesn’t need proof and broadcast.

“I just wanted to hear your voice,” is all needed.


Pic.: Aparna Deshmukh

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