Saturday, August 5, 2017


In the morning, today, I was going down from the fourth floor to the ground floor. The lift stopped on the second floor. Our lift has a collapsible door inside and a light wooden-type door outside. When the lift stopped on the second floor, I saw no one from the glass window of the door. Suddenly the door opened and a short elderly house-maid got in.

“Mausi,” I said playfully, “aap toh dikthe hi nahin the andhar se.”

“Saab, mere ko Bhagwan ne khidki tak hi rakha hai na,” mausi explained to me, understandably being used to my-kind of mild teasing about her height. She was such a lively woman, so full of warmth at her ripe age, that I felt happy for people she served.

“Bhagwan ne aapko dil bada diya hai mausi,” I complimented her.

“Aur kya chayiye saab,” mausi was content to hear me, “Khidki tak hi achha hai.”  

By now, we both were out of the lift. I walked with her for a short distance before she went to her next house. In this short period of time, she told me why she was thankful to God… starting from her health to her daughters and grand children. “Khidki tak hi achha hai.”

My overall enthusiasm and spirit had been very low today. But, somehow, this brief encounter with mausi in the morning kept returning to my heart to rekindle my spirit…

Often, our day is made by simple people and simple incidents around us… and not necessarily by ‘tall’ people and ‘big’ events…

Inside, despite my ‘tallness’, my spirit was low… To rekindle, there was a simple soul outside, just below the window!


Pic.: Sagnik Ganguly

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