Saturday, January 30, 2016


Pic.: Nicole Gubin
I am very cautious whenever I go on a vacation or a tour. I am comfortable only if I have bookings, travel and stay both... But, many of my friends are adventurous… They – even when they travel with their families – just pack the bags and go… “It is fun,” they claim, “a lot of excitement and thrill when you do not know what comes next.”

I love my friends’ attitude. “Wish I could do that,” I tell, often. But, then, I haven’t mustered enough bravado to follow their path… “A known devil is better than an unknown angel,” I comfort myself.

Ditto whenever I go for a movie, particularly the Hollywood ones. I need the broad story-line…. What is the movie all about? Yes, I, too, do not allow anyone to reveal to me the suspense before hand and spoil the fun. But, except for a couple of movies, where I landed inside the movie hall by default – yes, rest all the movies I have gone to watch only after getting the broad story line from some sources like reviews on newspapers or  internet or my friends.

Yes, in my case, it helps just the way the subtitles do… Some don’t like them, some do… I do.

Last night, my wife and I went to watch ‘Airlift’. As usual, I had done my research about what was the movie all about. My wife had no clue at all even though a hundred friends of her had told her it was an amazing movie. She wanted to watch it badly, but never bothered to find out what was it all about…
 So, when the movie started, she saw the first frame in which the Kuwait city was shown. “Why Kuwait?" She asked innocently (I won’t say ‘ignorantly’ or like a ‘dumb’ lady… I have to go home tonight!).

“Because the movie is about how this man (Akshay Kumar) helps evacuating and bringing home thousands of Indians when Kuwait was attacked by Iraq).
And, she got the rest from the movie.

Believe me, my wife enjoyed the movie so much, that she has already nominated it for the Oscars!

My wife is less cautious when it comes to travels and movies. Our son is absolutely chilled out. If, by default, my wife or I tried to tell something about the movie that he wants to watch – finished!

“Shut up!”

What comes next?

“Phir kya hua?”

I, too, like the fun, the thrill… the suspense. Maybe, as hero’s wife tells someone in the movie about her husband, it is a ‘manufacturing defect’ God has made me like this…

So, I comfort myself with this: “I am like this only!”


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