Saturday, January 23, 2016


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“One must ask children and birds
how cherries and strawberries taste.”

- Johann W. Goethe

The youth of our housing society have planned night cricket (under-arm) for three days, starting from tonight They want all of us – the old and the young, the ladies and the gents… and the little-ones all – to take part in it…. Yes, just for the fun of it… Just to let our hair down on these three nights, at least…

Life can be as serious, as grim as we want it to be. And, the same Life can be as fun-filled, as playful as we want it to be…

Yes, I know that I haven’t held a cricket bat in my hand for over forty years now… I was 17 when I played some gully cricket, back in our village… So what?

Yes, so what… These young-guns are telling me: “So what, sir… You can hold the bat now, at 57!”

Sandeep, who works as a senior executive with an Insurance Major - and who has two lovely school-going kids - posted this on our community group, late last night:

“Special cricket session tomorrow at 7 am
Time to bring out the kid in you!
Let’s make it worth by being present in any form…
Player or Partner…
Request all to motivate your neighbors
to be present along with you!”

At  7.45, this morning, while leaving for work, I was delighted to watch many ‘Happily Married men’ doing their practice – screaming, jumbling and arguing like little kids do - for tonight’s cricket match… Many of them, I am sure, must be holding the bat after years… But, so what? “You will find happiness,” the Wise say, “growing down and not growing up!”

“Let’s make it worth by being present in any form,” Sandeep had reminded us, last night, “Player or Partner.”

“Or, as a Spectator,” I smiled in my heart as I passed by these grown-up kids…

I am going to ‘participate’ in night cricket… Cricket needs cheerleaders, too, you see!

“A man is getting old when he walks around the puddle,” reminds R.C. Ferguson, “Instead of through it.”


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