Sunday, January 10, 2016


Pic.: Natrajan Subramani

There is this dialogue in the Hindi movie, ‘Wazir’. It comes from the wheelchair-bound Punditji (Amitabh Bachchan). He tells his new friend, Danish (Farhan Akthar):

“Tomorrow if God asks me, ‘I gave you a long life… what have you achieved?’, I will tell Him, that I have made my friend laugh.”

“Big deal,” you might react…

But, when life is tough, it ‘is’ tough to laugh… In the movie, for Danish, the laughter is tough… and, his friend, Punditji, knows how valuable it is… that, he dramatizes the importance of it, saying, that, if God were to ask him what he had achieved with his long life, he would answer: “I have made my friend laugh.”

Well, that’s a movie, the reel-life.

In real life, if God were to ask you and me the same question, what would be our answers?

I am a huge fan of Amitabh and Fahan. I liked ‘Wazir’… but, essentially, I found it to be over-the-top (not in terms of performances)… unconvincing. But, many dialogues ‘were’ convincing… particularly the one I have mentioned above…

To me, this dialogue is the take away from ‘Wazir’…
A question that makes me ponder: “What have you achieved in life leased out by me?”

I am yet to find a convincing answer… an answer that can please ‘THE WAZIR’!


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