Thursday, January 28, 2016


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“Gerry sir, our problem is not lack of knowledge…
our problem is lack of implementation.”

- Manjeet Singh Khalsa

Let me clarify it at the outset itself: Manjeet Singh Khalsa is not any old-age baba or any new-age guru.  He is just my friend and lives here, next-door… who loves to eat sensibly and live on his own terms… and, yes, yes… who, at 50-plus, has a belly of a baby!

I am intelligent enough to ‘know’ why Manjeet has a baby-belly and I have a pot-belly. I ‘know’ how the baby-belly goes and pot-belly comes… how fat forms and what fat does!

So, Manjeet Singh Khalsa, my friend, reminds me, again and again: “Gerry sir, our problem is not ‘lack of knowledge’… Our problem is ‘lack of implementation’!”

Full stop!!!!

I had got up early – very early – this morning. So, I happened to see an interesting post shared by my Tai-chi-class friend, Hazel. “EXCERCIES TO BURN ABDOMINAL FAT IN 14 DAYS FLAT!”

I had enough time in my hand, and the right mood, too, to read the ‘fat-burning’ post. The author had suggested some lovely exercises, which our Tai Chi sir, Rakesh Menon, makes it look so ‘do-able’ and ‘easily-available’ for all of us…

“Hell, I ‘know’ all of them, man!” I remembered Manjeet Singh, my friend, “Why am I not getting off my fat ass and ‘doing’ them?”

So, without waiting for the morning prayers to come from the nearby masjid (there are no roosters around, you see!), I wrote my long comment on Hazel’s timeline. Here it is:

Hi Hazel, I got up at 4 this morning and gulped some 30-50 ml of Patankar Khada syrup (Ayurvedic... available in any medical store at Rs.96 for a bottle of 450 ml). Trust me, my pot-belly is flat in less than 3hrs! As a precaution, I have kept myself free for a few hours in the morning (to flush out the toxins)...

And, yes, if I don't like to see my pot-belly, I must intensely dislike the 'junk' that goes in to form the fat in my belly...

Last Sunday, at our Tai Chi class, I was asking our irrepressible Kannan: "Sir, how to stop snoring... I am not only worried, I am ashamed, too?"

"Simple,” said Kannan, "Tuck your tummy in!".

So, that explains why I got up at 4, today... and, this long comment.

(P.S. Pl read my blog post a few hours from now... I will update on my tummy position.).

Have a cheerful day. Love

It is obvious, that I was in a cheerful mood this morning!

“Tummy fat is dangerous,” my wife has been warning me, “reduce it.”

I know it ‘is’ dangerous…
I know a flat-belly will make me look young and smart…
I, also, know snoring – when I travel in a train or a bus, or when I go to stay over at someone’s place or at  our up-coming Tai Chi camp at Lonavala, for instance – is very embarrassing…

But, then, why am I not doing something about it?

“There are two types of hunger,” Kannan had told me last Sunday, “the hunger of our stomach and the hunger of our tongue… Don’t heed to the hunger of the tongue.”

“I know that, Kannan sir, I know!” I had replied…

Then, what is the problem?

“Gerry sir, our problem is not lack of knowledge,” I hear Manjeet Singh’s wise words, once again. “our problem is lack of implementation.”

And, hark! I hear my beloved wife’s, often-repeated words, too:
“Stop giving advice to the world… Advise yourself… Physician, heal thyself!” 

So, for a change, this Post is not for my readers… It is for me!


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