Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Whenever someone speaks in Urdu - particularly recites poetry in Urdu, I just get mesmerized… There is something so beautiful, so unique and authentic about this language. In my case, what is interesting is, that, even though I cannot understand so many words in Urdu, I still enjoy it immensely… Most of the Urdu poets deserve praise for making this language sound so amazing…

Some days ago, the young lady cop, Shrestha Thakur, was transferred by the UP government to a remote place in Bahraich district (Nepal border) after she sent five ruling-party workers to jail for obstructing cops from doing their duty.  I had watched the video in which this lady police officer was bravely confronting the aggressive political class… never getting intimidated or bullied. While I was watching it, I knew what was in store for her! So, just a couple of days later, the inevitable came to pass: the tough cop was shunted out to a remote place on Nepal border! Following this, she posted on her Face book account to say that she was happy about the transfer and saw it “as a reward for my good work”. She won many hearts, including mine, when she quoted the famous Urdu poet, Waseem Barelvi:
“Jahaan bhi jayega, roshni lutaega.
Kisi chirag ka apna makaan nai hota
(Wherever it is kept, it will spread its light;
a lamp does not have a home of its own).”

I want to leave the UP government and the lady cop alone now. Let me focus on the message of those poetic lines… Look, how profound the words are! How beautiful the imagery is!

You and I are compared to a lamp… The lamp will not ask who it gives light to… Wherever you place it, the lamp just lights up the place… And, true to its nature, a lamp does not have a home of its own!

Each one of us has a lamp within us… and, with that, we possess the power of spreading light wherever Life places us… Like the lamp, poetically speaking, none of us has a home of our own… Where Life places us, yes, it shall be our home!


Pic.: Azriel D'Souza

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