Thursday, July 6, 2017


Yes, it is information overload for all of us… It’s 24/7/365. So much of information - be it serious or light, be it inspirational or gloomy, be it educational or spiritual, be it happy or sad… Is so much information from dawn to dusk and from dusk to dawn needed in life? Does it enhance the quality of our life or reduces it? Does it make us smart or dumb?

Take the inspirational stuff people like me post daily… Is so much of inspiration really needed? Won’t life be amazing without posts from people like me?

I think, world around me can be an amazing place even without me and my posts… You can lead an inspired life even without reading a single inspirational post. I bet, you can! The same holds true for information and posts on other genres.

Yet, if you ask me what kind of posts I don’t mind, the answer would be one that make me laugh… see the lighter and brighter side of life. My younger brother Vivek, and my friend from Mangalore, Joe, have a penchant for funny stuff. Both of them are into business and surrounded with a hundred kinds of irritations and tensions. Despite this, the funny bone in their system has kept these two characters tickling all the time… and, in turn, they love tickling the rest of us early as we rise and late as we retire…

What a way to start our day and what a way to end? The News is the worst form of stimulation we can self-inject into us… Even inspirational posts, like the one I come out with every day, have a tendency to make us dependent and depressed beyond a certain point… I am conscious of this fact!

Life has its problem and tensions… Just as the sky has its clouds. And, just as the clouds are there not to stay forever, our problems and tensions are not here to stay forever, too… Our life too is adorned by amazing colours just as the sky… Those of us who try to see the lighter side and the brighter side of life are the ones who choose to celebrate life – with childlike laughter… Yes, not because there are no problems in our life… but, because, there are problems… and we know life is still beautiful… still worth celebrating with laughter.

‘Sonu tula majya var bharosa nai kai?’ It’s a classic case of singing away our tensions in life… Ever since this Marathi rustic song first became famous, ordinary folks – I mean very, very ordinary – have sung it from all sorts of locations… It doesn’t need any music or great singing talent… All that is needed is a group of people with zest for life…

Sonu, trust me!!!

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