Friday, July 21, 2017


Since last evening till this moment, a movie is being played – and replayed repeatedly – in my mind. I have been talking about it to my closest people. “Have you watched the film, “Hrudyantar’?"... I keep asking…

“Which film?”

“’Hrudyantar’… It’s a Marathi film.”

“No, I haven’t heard about it,” many say… “How is it?” ask some… “What is it about?’ ask some others… “What is the meaning of ‘Hrudyantar?” ask me some more…

“I don’t’ know myself,” I confess, “I think the meaning is ‘Change of heart’…

Anyway, how does it matter? The film is just beautiful… Please don’t miss it!

Yesterday, I was to attend some very important work at Fort area. So, I had adjusted my teaching schedule for the day accordingly. At the last hour, my visit to town got cancelled and I decided to watch any good movie which was being shown in cinemas around. On checking on the Net, I chanced upon this Marathi film which was released on 7th July. Having got curious, I read more details about it, and felt a strong urge in my heart to watch it. As I normally watch all the movies along with my wife, I called her to inform. She was already committed to some other task, which meant, I had to watch it alone…

Good, I watched ‘Hrudayantar’ alone… For, it would have been tough for me to allow myself to soak in the emotions so completely and cry the way I did inside the theatre, yesterday!

My general knowledge about the Fashion and Marathi film industries is pathetic. Vikram Phadnis, I learnt yesterday, had been a much respected Fashion designer for nearly twenty-five years. Yes, ‘Hrudyantar’ was his brain child… I learnt, that he was passionate and determined to make this film for a long time and, now, he had done it so amazingly!

I am conscious of the fact, that we should not tell the story of the film and spoil the movie-watching experience. So, let me not tell you the story… Yet, I am unable to stop myself from telling this: The film is about the marital relationship… It is about that familiar experience of  going through all the marital storms – the pain, frustrations, distrust, misunderstandings, egos, insecurities, personal ambitions and fears… and, that moment -  ‘It’s all over’… or that moment - “Is it really over?”… It’s about the trauma of watching your little kids suffer when you – two grown-ups, their parents – fight before them like immature kids… It’s about the guilt and pain of being a bad example… It is about that very thought ‘Will the change of partner be the answer?’… ‘Will ending the so-called ‘bad marriage’ end my miseries?’… ‘How bad is really bad?’… ‘Is this the worst that is in store for me in marriage or are there situations worse than what I am fussing about?”… “Is my partner alone responsible for my plight or am I equally responsible?” … “Am I obsessed with changing my partner or am I honest enough to change my own outlook… my won heart?”

That last question sums it all… The change of heart is the key to marital bliss… not either seeking change in him/her or seeking a new partner... If I have not changed, I will take myself wherever I go…

‘Hrudyantar’, from that perspective, is a beautiful lesson on self-healing and self-care. It is inspirational and therapeutic… You realize, that the issues, over which you have brought the martial sky down, are not issues at all… The real issues sneak in from the back door and shock you and shake you to the core, bring you down to your knees and melt your heart…

Yes, so that you change… recognize, accept, honor and celebrate what is there in your platter… ‘What is’!

Please watch this film.


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