Friday, July 28, 2017


Last night, some of us were discussing on one of the close-knit WhatsApp groups. The discussion centered around a certain person, who we all disliked and detested for his relentless negative activities over many years. Those activities had badly affected many of us, and, having suffered because of them, we, quite obviously, had the genuine reason to vent out our pain and frustration among us. We had tried every possible way to make this person realize what he was doing… but, he had remained remorseless and seemed to go on with his negative pursuit with even more cold blood. So, last night, the discussion was focused on, once again, how to change this person… how to make him understand... by any method still left at our disposal… Sama, Dana, Bheda, Danda… whatever. Yes, we all had only one desire when it came to this person: Let him change his ways so that we can live happily!

One of our friends had sent a late-night message, which I happened to read early this morning. Here is the message:
“We often think that when things change, we will be happy.
But, the truth is, when we are happy, things will change.”

I immediately smiled reading this message!

How funny and stupid we all can be! I am no exception…

Ideally, Krishna’s life would have been such a happy life if Kamsa was not to appear in His life. Ditto would have been Jesus’ life if Herod and hardcore Pharisees were not to appear in His life. But, if even Krishna and Jesus – who we worship as God – could not avoid their nemeses in the drama of Their lives, who are we to ask our own nemeses to go?

Our enemies become stronger when they see us distressed because of them. The more and more we worry, the more and more power we hand them to rule our happiness. So, the message shared by our friend had come to remind us as to how happiness works the other way around: “When we are happy, things will change!”

Our happiness will take the steam out of our tormentor’s system. When he sees us happy, he will feel defeated… and, yes, slowly, he will change...


Incidentally, another friend from hundreds of miles away, had sent me a belated happy b’day message with this old  song – ‘Best of Friends’ – by Dave Sherrif:

“Wow! Thank you, my friend,” I had replied, “I will get a good sleep tonight!”


Pic.: Niyothi Lobo
Video: YouTube

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