Sunday, July 16, 2017


I just told someone this morning: “What is the use of ‘knowing’ how to prepare the best food in the world if one doesn’t know how to serve that food?”

Even the best catering college in the world cannot make one’s heart truly ‘hospitable’… If, by knowledge, one means piling up of degrees and diplomas, then, this world would have been such a lovely place, long time ago!

Just as they say, that half of the wealth in this world is held by 1% of population, the so-called education – rather, academic qualification – too, is held by such slim minority… To put it a little bluntly, degrees, often, are held by those who do not know how to use them in ‘serving’ the society!

I say this, today, with a reason. We, often, believe, that education is the best medium through which we can eradicate most of the troubles afflicting our society. I think, this only means some basic literacy, some decent academic qualification to earn one’s living. But, the ‘education of the heart’ has been always left to the individual concerned… One should desire to serve, see beyond self… One should desire to be sensitive to his surroundings… One should desire to be a good human being - loving, forgiving, tolerant, accommodating and proactive… One should long to be less divisive in his mindset, holistic in his approach…

Now, when one comes out of a Harvard or a Stanford, does he come out with a sensitive, loving, giving and forgiving heart, too?

Sad… We know how to make the best food in the world, but we do not know how to ‘serve’… Likewise, sad… We possess the best degrees in the world, but we do not know how to live in harmony with our fellow-beings!

When a dog is happy, he wags his tail; when he is scared, he tucks it between his legs… Now, which college did he go to in order to learn that?


Pic.: Shraddha Sachdev

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