When God created Adam out of soil, He created only a statue. What made this Statue a ‘living creature’ was the ‘breath of Life’ that God blew into this otherwise lifeless piece of art…

Breath of Life… Wow! The Holy Book says, that Man was created in the image of God!

What is this ‘image of God’?

Frankly, I do not know. But, if God gave man the freedom of choice – which includes the freedom to rebel against Him – He also gave man a conscience… that ‘shrill voice’ within us, which works just like a ‘lie detector’!

If I come to know, deep inside, whether I am being honest or dishonest, to me, that is conscience. I do not need a theological or philosophical definition to understand it…

God did a great job – rather a favour to His children: When He breathed Life into Adam… He put a conscience inside!

So, to me, Death is not when our heart stops working… Death is when our conscience stops working…

‘Conscience is dead’... Don’t we say this, hear this?

A couple of days ago, Tina*, a twelfth-standard student (ISC) called me. Tina had done a P.D. course with us when she was in seventh standard, but she remained very close to me. Whenever she was a little low, she would call me up and speak about it and feel good again. That’s her way of stress-management… Just open up before someone who you trust… Just try to be as honest as possible… Yes, you feel a lot good.

After completing her tenth standard, Tina had opted for humanities. She seemed to love her stream…
Simran* is a great friend of Tina. Simran, who, too, presently studies in twelfth-standard, however, has opted for Commerce in the same college (They call it ‘school’). So, when Tina called me a couple of days ago, our conversation went like this…

“Hi Sir, how are you?”

“Hi Tina, I am fine, thank you. How are you, beta?”

“I am also fine Sir, thank you.”

Then, Tina, came to the subject: “Sir, can I make a request with you?”


“Sir, today is my B’day.”

“Wow! Happy B’day beta.”

“Thank you Sir… Sir, my request is: Can Simran miss your class today? We want to go out for a small party?”

Simran’s class at my place was two hours away. I was to start a new chapter. Still, I did not hesitate to grant the permission.

“So, the B’day girl is the ‘Temptress’… Simran’s partner in crime, haan? No problem beta… Go and enjoy with your friends.

“Thank you so much Sir!”
Within five minutes, I received Simran’s call…. “Sir, today’s class…….”

“Don’t worry beta, Tina spoke to me… Go ahead and enjoy Tina’s B’day party!”

There was a pause before Simran said with a palpable apprehension… “Thank you Sir.”

The next day night, Tina was on line…

“Yes Tina, How was the B’day party?”

“Sir, I have not been honest with you.”

“Why, what happened, beta?”

Tina was crying… “Sir, I just wanted Simran and some of my friends to come over to my place and spend some time together. So, I made up this story of my B’day to take your permission… I am not feeling good about what I did, Sir.”… Tina was crying uncontrollably.

“It’s okay beta… It’s not a ‘big sin’… Such things do happen when we all grow up… I have done such things myself, so many times, when I was of your age.”

“But Sir, I should’ve told you the truth.”

“So what, beta… You are telling a ‘greater truth’ now… You know how much honesty and courage it takes to ‘confess’ one’s mistakes and say ‘I am sorry’… To me, you are a better person because of this behavior… Just stop worrying about it now… Be at peace.”

“Thank you Sir, I wanted my Conscience to be clear.”

“That’s really nice, beta.”

Heavens will not come down if we make our mistakes… call them committing sins and telling lies. Because, we all do! Yes, we all commit sins and tell lies. But, let me tell you this with double emphasis – and double experience: if we do not learn to own up and make amends, our self-confidence will, certainly, come down!

And, thank you Tina, for teaching us this lesson… Yes, in your own way!

* Names changed


Pic.: Kamal Kishore Rikhari


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