Wednesday, January 7, 2009


All of us sell our 'Ferrari's' to become monks. The idea of becoming a monk is very sexy.

But, the irony is that, when we become monks, we want more of 'Ferrari's'!

Every monk wants to expand his kingdom. All that has happened is: from the kingly robe, he has, now, garbed himself in a ochre. The fleets of chariots and horses have, now, been replaced by the fleets of fine cars of all his affluent devotees.

But, a king will always be a king, even in the prison. At least, that's what he thinks ... while in prison.

As Saddam Husein kept shouting even from the gallows, "I am still the President of Iraq."

You leave the palace, wander in the wilderness, and then, sitting under the Bodhi tree, you become a Buddha, the enlightened one. Then, you go around preaching, spreading your enlightenment. Then, they come, raise monasteries for you, build the finest temples, place you on a golden throne, and raise one more kingdom.

And, they call it 'the kingdom of God'!

And, they buy more of Ferrari's for you. And, yes, you were the monk that sold your Ferrari once; you had left the palace, in the night!

Fourteen years of 'Vanvaas' can never make me a Ram. Nor can a fourteen-year life in a Seminary make me a Christ. And, I will never become a Buddha even if I spend fourteen years under the Bodhi tree, either.

The Gautama may have become a Buddha. But, till the end, he remained simple. Ditto for Jesus. Ditto for Kabir, Guru Nanak and Mahavir. They all sold their 'Ferrari's'... and moved on.

And, here are we ... the monks who sell our 'ferrari's'!


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