Ramesh has many Gods ... I am one of them!

For some of his problems, he prays to me.

Last night, when I saw his name, on my cell-phone screen, I knew, he wanted my 'Divine powers' to solve his new problem.

"Yes, Ramesh, tell me - what's up?" I came to the point.

"Nothing is up sir, everything is down," he complained.

"What is that? Tell me," I encouraged him gently.

"I need to talk to you in person," he informed, with a slight hesitation.

"Al right, how about tomorrow, at six in the evening?" I asked.

"That's fine," he agreed. Then, as I was about to keep the receiver down, he couldn't wait for another day to ask this:

"Sir, I become very angry these days? What to do?"

"Simple," I told him, "Just wait till six in the evening tomorrow."

He got the message, and managed to transmit a nervous laughter.

Imagine my plight. When he had called me, I was consumed by a very disturbing rage within myself. Something was nagging me so much, that it had reached the boiling point. I was finding it difficult to to deal with it ... My confidence was low, I was feeling depressed and bitter. Though I knew, that it would pass off eventually, at that point, I was acutely feeling the helplessness, and the isolation. "What to do?" I was wondering.

And, the answer came in the form of a phone call. Of all the souls on this earth, it came from Ramesh!

Let me tell you, I just laughed, and that's the end of my own rage, last evening. The lid was off the pressure cooker!

I am going to tell this story to Ramesh, today, when he is going to come. I do not know, whether it will help him rid off his own lid. Anyway, I have asked him to 'hold on' - 'Count ten' ... a ten million times - till this evening. That may help, perhaps!

Problems. It is another name of Life. We all know this. We know, that it is impossible to live life free from the problems. We know, that growth in life - physical, financial, intellectual, emotional and spiritual - is directly related to the way we deal with our 'personal' problems, our challenges. We know, we can not by-pass this route. Still, like a dog chasing its own tail, we run round and round and round. Yes, hoping that we can 'get' the tail ... or, 'get rid' of it!

Ramesh wants to get rid of his anger. He has come to me, his God, for that!

And, the God has his own anger ... and he prays to his own Gods!

For the last two days, my friend, Giri - after watching a Steven Seagal movie - has been bugging me to fit the dialogue he hugely liked in the movie. The strong man Seagal is threatened to be killed by his enemy. Unfazed by the threat, our hero lets his enemy know this:

"We all have to go one day.
The important question is:
Whether we go standing proudly on our feet,
Or, crawling on our knees."

What you think, dear Ramesh, we - you and me - should do?



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