Tuesday, February 7, 2012


You are mighty O lord…
And Your faithfulness surrounds You…
You rule over the surging sea…
When its waves mount up,
You still them…

Psalm 89:8-9

For, a day in your courts,
Is better than thousand elsewhere…
I would rather be a door-keeper
In the House of God
Rather than live
In the tents of wickedness.

Psalm 84:10

Today morning, at 7.45, I received the first Biblical passage from Pravin, my friend in Mumbai. He is a Hindu and sends me, now and then, a Holy passage… Sometimes , when I rise in the morning… and, sometimes, when I am about to retire. 

Cicie, lives hundreds of miles afar… and sends me a Biblical passage , every morning. Today, I received the second passage from her at sharp 7.47!

I was pleasantly surprised. What a divine co-incidence… That, two of my well-wishers have to send me two inspiring passages from the same section of the Bible… and at the same time. Well, almost!

I feel very moved

 by the surprises and co-incidences

the Life throws before us 

every now and then.

I like the mystery and magic 

surrounding them… 

I like the beauty and power 

they are clothed with. 

This morning, I was wondering: How come two of my friends consider me worthy of such a fine benevolence?

It did humble me, this morning.

And, last night, just before I was to retire, I received a short message from another dear one. I was not at all expecting it… And, when it popped on my cell-phone, I almost jumped!

The day was very bad yesterday… I was stressed out by the end of the day. One short message , just saying a “Hello’ from a person you value, was enough to send away the stress and gloom.

And, what a way to start my day, this morning… That too, two of my friends wish me well, wish me peace!

Yes, I feel like shouting from the mountain-top what the Psalmist says:

“I would rather be a door-keeper
 In the house of God
 Rather than live
 In the tents (Mansions) of wickedness.”


Image Courtesy: VIVEK D'CUNHA


Viren Jain said...

Very moving, very inspiring.



Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thank u Viren... Glad u loved this post.