Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It is very difficult to fathom why some people always dislike me… In fact, hate me. But, there  are a  handful… and, they do. I have tried to analyze on this and failed. I have tried to reason out with them, be extra-courteous with them… even tried to be more reconciliatory so that I would experience peace. But, nothing works with these people… They have distrust deeply embedded in their hearts, and you come out only more hurt. 

I am a good soul!

Well, this is how even they must be feeling about themselves!

Do I dislike them? Hate them? 

What I can see in me is my deep wish to strike peace with them… my deep desire to end all the misunderstanding and bitterness. Hence, I can clearly say that I do not dislike them or hate them. 

The wise-men say, hate is like fire… It consumes me before it consumes the one who I hate!

By the same measure, they say, Love is like fire, too… It consumes me before it consumes the one who I love!

The more I love my tormentor, the more peaceful I become. 

“An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.” Gandhi had echoed this message of Jesus Christ. Today, when someone so passionately hates me – I do feel tempted to hate him in return… Destroy him as he tries to do to me. Yes, I do feel like going for his eye!

Thoughts crystallize in my soul. 

I do not have to pluck my tormentor’s eyes 

to take my revenge… 

my incessant hateful-thoughts are enough. 

Before I know, 

I will be consumed by this inferno 

and my soul will be dead!

Those who cried for Christ’s blood, too, believed that they were God’s faithful… even though I believe that Christ was God’s own son! Today, I have a choice: to which faith should I belong!

“Father, forgive them… For, they do not know what they are doing.”  I find this prayer more reassuring than this: “Father, destroy them… For, they know what they are doing.”

Hitler needed a monster called NAZI to destroy millions and millions of people who he hated with all his insanity. But, to destroy this monster – Hitter – did you need anyone?

Yes, yes. Hatred is its own punishment. It destroys you before it destroys the one who you hate.


Image courtesy: VIVEK D'CUNHA


Ganesh Kini said...

I fully endorse ur view: Hatred is its own punishment!

In the battle of Love Vs Hate, it is Love and not hate that wins. May be one needs to endure...

Thank u. Very inspiring post.

... Ganesh

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Ganesh...Pl read regularly.



Anonymous said...

AS i was reading this article tears rolled down my eyes as could relate to it so so so much..
It came at the very right time - i am going through this phase..

Thanks a million Sir for writing it "U SAVED BEFORE MY ANGER CONSUMED ME"

Thank you Sir for this enlightment.

Regards Soniya

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Well Soniya, let me confess, here, once again: I wouldn't have written this with such authority...and conviction... if I myself had not experienced and been consumed by hate!

True, we all do!

So, it is time we made peace withing ouselves!