Thursday, February 9, 2012


Why do you write so much every day? What do you get from it? Who do you think read it? Why do you waste your time? Why can’t you put your writings in books and sell, make big money? Youngsters are not interested in your ‘serious’ stuff. Why are you not on Facebook? Do your wife and son read what you write? 

A day doesn’t pass without at least one or two these kind of questions and suggestions coming my way… Yes, from some of my closest people. They love me so much… that they really want me to make 'big' money and 'big' name from my writings… they want me to write to the gallery ; and ,yes, they don 't like to see me 'wasting' my time! And, I forgot the important thing: they want me to write only those things which my wife and son would read!

I have been writing like this – in my diaries and now on my Blog – for over three decades, now… ever since I landed in this beautiful city. 

Why do I write so much? 

Because, it makes me feel 

good about myself... 

and, it makes me feel 


Who do I  think read it? 

Well, at least half-a-dozen, every day... I hope so! And, they tell me that  they love it… find it very useful.

I have some proofs.

Two days back, I wrote a piece by the title: ‘Who Killed Hitler?’ It was about the futility of being consumed by our anger and hatred. “Hatred is like fire,” I had stressed, “It consumes you before it consumes the one who you hate.”

Last night, my colleague and a dear friend Soniya has sent a comment after reading it. Here it is:

As I was reading this article, tears rolled down my eyes
 As I could relate to it so so so much…
It came at the very right time – I am going through this phase…

Thanks a million Sir for writing it.

Thank you Sir for this enlightenment.



Does anybody read my posts?

At least Soniya does!

Am I wasting my time?

Well, did Jesus Christ waste His? Gautama Buddha His? Tendulkar his? Socrates his? Shakespeare his? Steve Jobs his? M.F. Hussein his?

Very dear people in the lives of these ‘Great’ souls did think it was all a royal waste of time!

So, mine too must be!

Will I be a Christ or a Shakespeare or a Tendulkar or a Hussein or Steve Jobs?

That question never was, is or will be mine! That will never me my concern!

My wife’s cousin, Sunita, and her lovely daughter Benita love my writings and they do tell me that. On this 12th,  Sunita and her gentleman-hubby Benjamin will be celebrating their silver wedding. And, for me the icing on the cake is: They want me to raise a toast for them on their big day!

Well, Sunita and Benjamin, even before the big moment comes, let me raise this toast, today:

“That’s the greatest wealth I have amassed from my daily writings… That, some , like you , consider me to be worthy of wishing  well in their  life!”

And, early last morning, my well-wisher Cicie sent me this Good-morning message:

“Praise the Lord,
For, your writings give Glory to God!”

Who reads my writings?

Well, some do.

What difference does it make to me?

If only I could explain!




Ashish Srivastava said...

Keep Writing Gerry!
I fully agree to each of your point of view..
Khushwant singh once said...Writers who write to please others, arent the ones actually.
The writer always writes for himself!
Commercials is a bye product.
Your writing is not only your thoughts and observations...penned but it becomes a sharing platform, once its posted.
so even someone is not reading and probably gaining and sharing.
Big B, Amitabh Bachchan,is avid blogger like you..never misses even one day...and average comments he receives is 150-200,
around the world!
By that magnitude, you are more popular :)

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Yes Ashish... I had failed to mention u in today's post! You do do do read my writings... It it means a lot lot to me!

How beautifully u have motivated me to keep writing, Ashish! It is words like these... that keep me spurring on and on!

Thank u, once again!



Neeraja Manohar said...

No sir No! It is not any 'waste' of time! Who says so?

Keep writing... I will need, I will need!


- Neeraja

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thank u Neeraja for the faith in me!



Anonymous said...



Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Mark... Happy u found it so!

Keep reading...



Prof. Kavita Menon said...

Writing can be so healing!

I too write in a similar way!

Pl don't stop writing, my friend.

... Prof. Kavita

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thank u ma'am... I am honoured!



Anonymous said...

hello Gerry dattu
very nice article

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thank u dear for the appreciation... It really feels thrilling to learn that a brother/sister/dear one like you find my writings 'worthy of reading' even at such hour as 3.07 am!!!

I am touched! Thank u, once again!!!



kiran said...

I read your blogs.. If i miss it a day the next or the next.. htey inspire me .. teachers inspirations are the greatest and learning a new chapter everyday who would miss and i atleast remind my dear ones known to you or unknown to you to read the blogs and gather what they can...
please keep writing ... they are our daily desserts ... relished the most.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hi Kiran, thank u so much for pampering me with such nice words!

Yes, I feel blessed to keep my teaching on with u guys even after two decades!

Pl keep reading and commenting, Kiran.



shirley said...

No sir ur writings can never b waste of time..count me also to b one of ur fan now.What u write n d way u write is very inspiring.I got to learn from u how very very small human gestures can also b so important n touchy.
I enjoy n love to read what u write sir.
thanx for writing sir.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Oh thanks being so kind Shirley!

I will count u in, ok?


S V A said...

Keep writing Sir! Having known you for so many years, your actions and deeds inspire me and what better way to share the same with many like me, than writing?

Kumar said...

Dear Gerry,
Your writings not only make Good Mornings but also make Good Nights. Your post are another stress buster to me for a good night's sleep.


Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Anand... so nice of u to say fine things about me.

Yes, the feeling is mutual...

Keep reading and helping,



Gerald D'Cunha said...

Kumar, thanks for the sweet words!

As much as u find reading my posts to be stress-busters, I find writing them...

Pl keep reading and helping,



Savita said...

sir, the things u write when I read them , I feel u r speaking it. I remember the way you speak . I can feel the modulation in your voice.
Love your speeches as well as writings.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hi Savita, felt good reading ur compliment!

Yes, I write exaclty how I speak...

and, u know Savita... I speak exactly how I feel!

Some things shd be that way, always... dont u think?

Thanks again,

Keep helping...