Friday, July 27, 2012


My young son was insistent that I should watch the first two editions of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy on ‘The Batman’. So, at home, he arranged to screen for me, along with his own authentic commentary, the first two Batman classics – ‘The Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’.

Yes, I had missed both of them when they were first released. This time, I truly enjoyed the ‘Super-hero’ drama… I was, particularly, overwhelmed by the genius of the filmmaker – Christopher Nolan… his convictions, his vision, his grit and his stupendous hold on the medium. And, of course, his infectious passion. It left me speechless… Inspired!

So, this morning, I watched, along with my son, the last edition of the trilogy – ‘The Dark Knight Rises’… Where else? 

You need to watch it only on a giant screen at IMAX, parked yourself on one of the top-most seats!

I could realize the reason why my young son had gone all way out to watch the very first show on the very first day at 7 in the morning! Today, he was still excited to watch it, for the third time, yes with his father… at 7 am!

I was happy that he had showed me, with all the graphic details, the first two. So, this morning, I was easily able to  glide through the storyline. 

Outstanding stuff! A great experience!

Well, as Christopher Nolan keeps reminding us in his three movies, any of us can be a ‘Super-hero’!

Yes, any of us – with the capacity to fear, bleed, cry, get angry… feel loved, lost and betrayed… yes, any of us, the ordinary, fallible humans – can become, do have the capacity to become, a ‘Super-hero’ like the Batman.

And, it doesn’t really matter what mission, in life, we will accomplish as a ‘Super-hero’… But, it does matter, we take up a cause of larger-good. That’s all it is. 

It does matter 

that we beat our own fears… 

turn our anger into 

something very constructive 

and life-enhancing…

It does matter that we have some good souls around us to support us in our missions… It is their faith in us, their constant reminders as to who we truly are… Yes, it does matter.

In the entire trilogy of the Batman movies, one such soul is Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s (Batman’s) family butler… who loved, nursed and guided Bruce Wayne to his great powers… It is someone like this simple soul, who remains present in our lives, constantly reminding us to rise-up and soar again… over and over again.

“Why do we fall, Master Wayne?” he gently inspires his prodigy – right from the day the little boy falls in the deep pit and gets permanently scarred with the fear of darkness and bats. Yes, he strokes the little boy, Bruce Wayne, with the answer, as well: “So that we can learn to pick ourselves up!”

The Batman falls again and again and again… But, he rises too again and again and again. Yes, he returns holding us hopes, to inspire us to soar beyond our threshold limits.

I am happy Alfred reminded about this simple mystery of our existence not only to Bruce Wayne, his prodigy… but, he did it to me, too!

It doesn’t matter, in life, what our missions are… It doesn’t, really, matter what we are trying to save – whether the city of Gotham or our own souls – as long as we keep picking ourselves up… 

Yes, each time we fall!


Pics.: Ronald Fernandes



I had the same feeling as I was watching the movie. Tnks. Karan

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Karan. Love. Gerry

Anonymous said...

True, we do not know our dormant our powers are!!!

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Yes Tarun... u are right. Love. GERRY

Harish Lal said...

Power-packed! Harish

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Harish. Love. GERRY