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- Dr. Alfa Lokhande
(Business Management teaching professional)

In life, many things make you confident. Your appearance – how you look from outside  - is one of them.

Your outer appearance gives you the inner confidence to face the world outside. It boosts you to deliver an impressive presentation. Selection of precise apparels and accessories motivates you and enhances your self-esteem. You should not get scared or feel shy to show your personality through your accessories. In addition to this, you should present a very positive demeanor.

Let me share an incident…

Being a Management faculty and a research enthusiast, I, once, participated at a research conference to present a research paper in one of the reputed Business Schools. I was dressed in a formal sari and had carried all the necessary gadgets required for the presentation. It was an embarrassing moment when I realized at the venue, that I was the youngest among all the delegates. This made me feel out of league.

I delivered my presentation as it was mandatory in the agenda. To my delight, it was appreciated by all the participants and judges. Thereafter, not much happened. I took my lunch sitting alone at the table provided, while others caught up on latest events.

After eight months from the day of the conference, I visited another B-school, where I happened to meet one of the delegates from the conference. When I greeted her and was about to introduce myself, assuming that she wouldn’t remember me, I was astounded by her prompt recall: “I can’t forget you, as you were the best-dressed person in the room that day!”

I simply blushed!

A lesson well-learnt… Focus on your attire, as you may never know how it will play a significant role to increase your recall value.


Yashraj Khanna (Age 16)

Confidence is something that cannot be measured. Every human being has a different way of gaining self-confidence. In my case, I gain my confidence…

When I know that I am on the right path and, that I am not doing something wrong or something that might hurt someone’s feelings.

When I practice a thing till the time I am convinced that I can do it all by myself.

When I take risks. Confidence is acquired by taking risks; and, for me, to feel confident is to do something that the world says I can’t and when I prove them wrong… Yes, that’s the time my self-confidence boosts up.

The most importantly, I gain my confidence when I acquire my knowledge from my elders, school teachers, classes and friends. There are different types of people in the world and there are different ways one gains his/her self-confidence. Therefore, it is not important for people to have the same way of thinking or the same way of gaining self-confidence.  

So, these are some ways through which I gain my self-confidence… and, I am keen at discovering new ways, too.


- Vyomesh Kukreja (Age 13)

"Always remember… you are braver than you believe,
stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”
- Christopher Robin

My parents tell me, that I should always value highly what is in your mind…
Not to see what others are doing…  Be positive in whatever I do…

Being positive makes me confident.

Coming to Gerry sir's class and speaking in front of everyone makes me confident.

Helping others makes me confident.

Seeing the good deeds of my father and grandfather makes me confident.

Going to badminton tournaments and someone appreciating me make me confident.

Studying without the help of parents and scoring good marks in my subjects make me confident.

So, these are some of the things that make me a confident person.


- Rohan Ruparel (Age 17)

I think, confidence comes naturally when we motivate ourselves to succeed.
 Basically, confidence means the feeling of our self-belief.

Self-confidence should, always, be present in one’s life.
Often, confidence is created in one’s mind by his failure.
It may sound strange… but, it is true…
That, when we fail, we have to motivate ourselves to rise again…
“If someone can do it, why can’t I?”… Yes, we should remind ourselves.

Confidence, also, comes when a person becomes aware
of his strengths in and weaknesses.

Finally, my parents' love and support make me confident, too...


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