Friday, November 23, 2012



It is not easy to believe in the philosophy: 

“In Life, our problems are opportunities in disguise!”

It is easy to believe only when problems hit other people’s lives… 

But, when problems hit our own lives, it is tough to buy that theory… Very tough!

But, then, are problems, really, not opportunities to learn from and grow with?

No matter what our problems are, no matter how crushing they look, how intimidating and frustrating… I, seriously, think that our every problem does possess the seed of opportunity for us to learn from and grow with – become wise, strong and compassionate, in Life.

And, to anchor our hearts on this philosophy, I also think that some things must be in place. Here are they.

There should be zest of life. Or, let’s put it this way: We should love life!

Now, just imagine the power of this mindset… this paradigm! I think, everything else will automatically fall in place the moment our hearts choose to see the brighter side of Life… believe in the light at the end of our dark tunnels. Such an innocent and die-hard spirit of living is what zest for life – or, call it love for life – all about!

Sorry sir... No chance otherwise!

Next is the simple reality… That is, unless we are challenged, driven to the wall, we really will never know our own hidden-strengths… the power lying dormant within us. Believe me, everybody who has built his muscles, has built it only by burning his calories… and everybody who has fought the greatest battles, has fought them only because of the strong, relentless and unyielding opponents! Strength is never gained in any other way… Nor the wisdom… Nor the compassion!

Finally, for a problem to appear as an opportunity in Life, our ‘inner eyes’ should be able to ‘see’ them so… our heart must be able to ‘sense’ them so. Not until then. Not otherwise…

An old popular-story of two salesmen comes to my mind.

Once, a shoe-making company had sent two of its salesmen to Africa to check if there was a market for its products.

Some days after they had landed in Africa, the first salesman reported back to his boss:

 “Sir, this is a terrible business opportunity… No-one wears shoes, here!”

The second salesman, too, had reported back to his boss:

 “Sir, this is an incredible business opportunity… No-one wears shoes, here!”


Yes, this is such an old story…

As old as the tough philosophy to buy:

“In Life, our problems are opportunities in disguise!”


Pics.: Mukesh Ahuja



Varuna Kamath said...

It is difficult to see that way, because we lose perspective. Good article, thanks. Varuna

Irfan Khan said...

They make us tough, even though it is tough to buy the theory. Inspiring post.
-- Irfan

Sunil D'Sa said...

True Gerry, every problem is a potential opportunity. Only in disguise. Great write-up. Keep it up.

Sunil D'sa

Anonymous said...

Gerry, felt very charged reading it. Thanks. Jeena